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Valve did release quit a long time ago (after this mod was released) a update for Steam that made that HL2 and all it's mods did look and play like ep2 from then on. Great, but it did cause HUGE problems with all the already existing mods for HL2. The fix is really simple and fixes everything, but like always, you just need to know what to do. please follow this instruction and all is well; of course am i aware that this is old news, but till this day there are people that don't know this.

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Extract this mod to you're SourceMod folder and click on the Coastline to Atmosphere folder, find the notepad called Gameinfo, inside and change the SteamAppld 220 to 215, save it and that it. You can play it without crashing.
This info does count for all HL2 excisting mods out there,
i know this is quit old info by now but i decided to add it here again anyway because there are still a lof of people that don't know this.
So, please do what is described above, it just takes one second to do so and it does fix everything!

should you have questions of any sort then please do contact me and i will help you out.
thanks for downloading!

please check all my other HL2 (ep1+ep2 sp-mod here if you are interested;
(only Hypercube was not made by me);



nä det går inte den där fixen fungerar inte

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