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The very first release of the game was just a small piece of whats to come. It was more or less there to get feed back and prove there was a game being developed. After several months and much feedback its almost time for the first large patch. This patch will serve as the foundation for the rest of the game, and should offer a great deal of content. Read below for more details.

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Based on the feedback it was clear that people want a good story, things to craft and build, and a bit of RTS mixed in. With those key areas being voted highest I create a foundation to help achieve each one of those while still allowing for other things like multiplayer, pets, combat, and more. This patch sets the stage for what is to come in terms of gameplay.

There are now several modes that should appeal to a variety of different types of players. The main mode is Story Mode which is heavily RPG focused. With in this mode there is a Tutorial Mode, Main Story Mode, and Memory Shards Mode.

The Tutorial Mode will be available to play in this patch and will set the stage for the main story.

Main Story Mode will be about the size of a short story and help to build the universe this game is in along with others i make. There are multiple ways to complete the game, and the ending should be surprising.

The last part of Story Mode is Memory Shards Mode, a mode that's totally optional but quite interesting. This mode allows you to relieve different memories from different beings. I say beings because you could be an alien, animal, human, or robot to name a few. Each shard is different in terms of game play required to complete it, those ranging from combat to just exploration. You will receive game lore, epic gear, and many other bonus from finding and completing these.

The next main mode is Survival Mode. This mode consist of several different situations where you must survive to win. There is not a set number of these sub modes or a specific mold. The first one I'm working on is a mode which puts you in the center of the map with one goal, don't die. The longer you survive the more enemies come to kill you. Killing them will randomly drop power ups and health packs to keep you going. Modes in this section are meant to be quick fun.

Next mode is free build mode. This mode allows for less rpg gameplay and more do what ever you want. Its planned to be similar to games like Rust in relation to building, but that's a ways down the line.

Finally multiplayer which is even further down the line will have a few modes. The first and only one to talk about now is a simple death match with AI thrown in. Nothing fancy yet, but it will help build the foundation for multiplayer which if support goes good will be epic.

That's it for this update, check out my main page and Devoured Time on steam.

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