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Hello everybody following us! Today we wanted to say that Project Zombie Reality 2014...

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Hello everybody following us!
Today we wanted to say that Project Zombie Reality 2014 will have a DLC!
We long enough thought on the DLC and what it will have in it.
So we came up with 2 DLC for Project Zombie Reality 2014.
The first one is Legacy Times DLC,and here it starts a vote!
In this competition a map has to be selected from our older and abandoned modification:

Project Zombie Reality 4.3

These maps are:

1) A night in Oman (Closed Quarters combat and target is to defent the Hotel)
2) Chernobyl Forest (Large fight and you have to survive zombie hordes incoming from the forest)
3) Deadland (Countryside.You have to defend yourself from zombies)
4) Infected Carrier (You have to escape from carrier)
5) Zavod 911 (While researching an old factory,you were attacked by zombies)
6) Zombies in Chernobyl (You are trapped in Chernobyl and you must survive zombies)
7) Zombies in Oman (You must escape and fly to the carrier in the Gulf)

The link for the maps is below:

The 2nd DLC will be announced as soon as Project Zombie Reality 2014 passes Beta Status!
Thank you for paying attention.
Zombie Strike

*Pro*Player008 - - 69 comments

For Legacy DLC?
Deadland was a good map :)

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*Pro*Vladkill1 - - 94 comments

Id like to see Deadland also :D

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Onil - - 37 comments

I just found this mod... quite disappointing.

You guys really couldn't come up with a better name? Or is it intended to create confusion with the existing Project Reality: Zombie minimod to gain players?

I guess that if you would have called it Project Zombie it wouldn't be a big deal, but why in the hell would you call it Project Zombie "Reality"?

PR-Z is a minimod for the well know mod Project Reality, yours afaik has nothing to do it so it really makes absolutely no sense to use a name already in use even if you change the sequence of the words... next time be a bit more creative will you?!

But as far as I noticed you guys work on every single mod that comes to mind, at the same time and never really finish anything properly. I'm sure that at least you have fun modding them and being among the very few playing them.

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Noobkiller2 Author
Noobkiller2 - - 1,140 comments

Your "PR:Z" is newer than our project since we made it back in 2010.
Good thing you woke up and made your mod in 2014.
Now you comment that our mod is not related to PR.
This was an idea before PR:Z Project! Now we dont need teasing from others just for "change the name" types

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Onil - - 37 comments

If there was a older version of "Project Zombie Reality" before you launched this 2014 one, it's not on moddb and the oldest information about this one is from 2014. "Ideas" don't count... only accomplishments do.

For your information PR:Z is from 2012 not 2014 and either way using "Reality" in a Zombie related mod makes no sense whatsoever. That is unless if it is a minimod for Project Reality which yours is not. So perhaps you can enlighten me why you chose such a name?

As it stands it pretty much sounds like a rip-off. Even though I don't really care much about gathering new players through moddb as PR:Z is "mostly" for PR players. I simply dislike the confusion that will most definitely bring for players who read about one and end up playing the other one.

If the choice of the name wasn't done trying to "copy" PR:Z then it is an unfortunate coincidence in which case, courtesy goes a long way. Changing the name would only be problematic if you had a big player-base and unless if I'm wrong, you don't. Unlike you, I can't really change mine as it is a Project Reality minimod and as such it has to include that in the name.

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Noobkiller2 Author
Noobkiller2 - - 1,140 comments

I have already added a note about different project.
Since i cant edit it due to control of another admin.
I will try to contact him to plan another name,but i dont give any promises at this point.
There was a version in 2011.

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Onil - - 37 comments

Thank you for the effort. Hope it gets done.

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