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All code and content is finished. Next up is beta-testing, then release.

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With a last herculaen effort, I have managed to finish everything. I even found time to add in two features that I had planned to cut, namely expanded conversations and random encounters (though they have been included in a reduced scope only).

All the coding is done, all the content is done, all testing setups are off, and everyting is in its final form.

So, it is a real Beta now. That means that next comes testing. Then debugging. Testing, debugging, testing, debugging etc. How long will that take? Hahahah. I do not plan to make any incremental releases. No Beta versions. So I will need to spend time testing everything, to make sure I have a real final, polished, working game.

After that, release! And what form will that take. Hmm…I’m mulling a mail order release. Keep it old school. 1980s tech. Floppy disks. Hahaha.

Whatever the form it takes, whether a download, mail-order, or family only release, it will be released within this year, as a celebration of the 35th anniversary of the original Ultima IV.

Ultima IV Thirty Fifth Anniversary

35 years! Yay! Ceeeeleeebrate

There will be two more announcements to come shortly, so stay tuned!


Congrats!! Looking forward to playing this classic again =)

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