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My story is finally complete. It's taken a long time, but it was hopefully worth it

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My story is finally complete!


Apparently, a few custom items could not be picked up. I changed the files a little in hope that the issue has been solved now.


This Custom Story was made with the newest version of level editor and is using a few new scripts and a lot of models from Justine. Having the latest version is highly recommended!! If you are a steam user, then you should already have the newest update.

I also highly recommend you to play this mod with Windows, as this story don't have an offical Mac or Linux support! It MAY work, but I can't promise you it will. Download it to Mac or Linux at your own risk.

I have tried this story 3 times now and fixed like 50 glitches and errors. I really hope it will be good now, but as always, a few glitches here and there is bound to turn up when uploading a story for the first time. Reporting any errors you may find would help me a lot and be much appreciated.

The story is using a lot of mementos, but you will have to think for yourself sometimes and find some answers in notes and flashbacks. It shouldn't be too hard for the most part, but if you get stuck, leave a message, or, if you can, check inside the maps/scripts or any videos on youtube if you can find any.


You have my full permission to make videos of this story and upload them on Youtube or anywhere else. You are also free to advertise your videos AS long as they are related to this story.

Also keep in mind that this story is hours long. One tip is to make one or two videos per chapter, which would make them 15-90 minutes long (depening on your speed and which chapter it is, some are longer than other). This is ofcourse up to you, just a tip ;).

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Great job! Ohohoh, I'm gonna have some fun tonite'

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