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Overview of Arpago, it's characteristics and features!

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Hi Everyone!

I work on Arpago since around May 2016, but just recently started using IndieDB.

It is a top-down action RPG-lite as I like to call it. It is set in a cartoony fantasy universe, has semi-open world divided into zones, and a lot of freedom regarding the playthroughs. Player can choose one of 3 playable races - Human, Fox Folk, or Troglodytes, and one of 5 classes - Warrior, Ranger, Marksman, Summoner, Battlemage. The game has working combat, inventory, spells, quests, map, NPCs, enemies, dialogue, interface, usable objects (ex. tools), split-screen, so the only things left to do regarding major features are finishing local multi and online support.

Major inspirations were Egoboo- a roguelike from early 1999, which I used as a reference regarding combat dynamics, "kind-of" visual style, and perspective. Dungeon Siege - hack'n'slash / RPG from 2002 - it was my go-to inspiration regarding magic, class design, balance, as well as its dedicated huge multiplayer map was a good example of world design. Also Tibia, an MMO from 90s that I played for 4 years in mid 2000s - from it I took some lessons regarding world design, creature balance, and atmosphere. Other mostly minor inspirations probably were Gothic 1 & 2 (settlement design, Khorinis is just so good city) and Dark Souls games (trying to create a lot interconnectivity in the world, using a kind of savepoint system, still deciding on death penalty).

I work on it alone in my free time, I made all the assets except sounds myself and have spent over 1500 hours on its development as of now. I have fun doing it, I don't treat it like a second job and I take long breaks occassionally. Since March 2018 I've been working with Adam, who takes care of SFX and music in the game, it's an amazingly fruitful cooperation!

Here are some videos from the game:

Starting up a new game and playing the tutorial:

Mage fighting Cyclops (no sound unfortunately):

I guess this is it for the first post, I'll do my best to keep the news feed on Indie DB up to date :)


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