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Download the new update, plus a sneak peek at what's next for Flashing Lights.

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Hello all,

Welcome to the first Flashing Lights update of 2022!

We're excited to kick the year off with not only a roadmap announcement, but also an update to the unstable branch.

This update, out now on the unstable branch, is aimed at fixing a number of priority bugs, including falling through the ground when exiting vehicles, missing NPC victims in some fire rescue callouts, as well as improvements to city and rural ground environment loading speeds.

To access the unstable branch you can do the following:
- Load up Steam and head to your library
- Right click on Flashing Lights and then select "Properties"
- Head to the Beta tab and in the drop down select "unstable_test_branch" (no password needed)
- This will then download the new update for you

Please note: The unstable update is currently for PC only. The Mac unstable update will be released in the coming days.

February - June 2022 Flashing Lights Roadmap

February – Suburban Update

In February, we'll be focusing on the new suburban area which was recently introduced. We'll be adding building interiors, and adding callouts to those interiors. This will include interactive doors and windows, with some callouts requiring you to smash windows to access homes.

We'll also be adding parked cars to the area, meaning you'll be able to patrol and issue tickets in the suburbs.

Expand your arsenal with a new weapon for police: the assault rifle.

April - Fire Update

The April update will see a focus on the fire department. We're planning on introducing a conventional fire truck, expanding upon the fleet of vehicles already available.

We'll also be improving upon fire department gameplay by updating hose mechanics, allowing you to connect trucks together in order to transfer water. We also look forward to introducing spreading fires, making for more dynamic callouts!

June - Traffic Stop

June will see the arrival of the much requested traffic stop update, expanding upon police gameplay by introducing vehicle searches and drug tests. We'll be adding the ability to shoot out AI car tires too, as well as updating traffic car models, adding some welcome visual diversity.

Lastly, we'll be making further improvements to traffic AI.

We're looking forward to the year ahead and are committed to delivering improvements to the game, as well as introducing exciting new content!

Unstable Update Full Patch Notes

- Falling through the ground when getting out of vehicles
- Missing NPC victims in Fire Rescue call ID2003 (Currently there's still some client-side desync when picking up victims)
- Texture optimizations
- Weapons optimization
- City and rural areas ground environment loading improvements
- Load time improved for main menu to game transition
- Floating buildings in areas 28-44 and 32-44 adjusted
- Floating street lights at 23-46 adjusted
- Christmas theme removed


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