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Farmwand : Dev. Diary # 18 : Ready to see some cute kittens, cut some trees and meet a new character? Come and take a look!

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the newest devlog for Farmwand. We have made a lot of progress in the past two weeks on both the game art and the gameplay. We brought a new pack of lovely cats, fluffier than ever and ready to be pet. The wood cutting mechanics are also complete, and a brand new character was introduced to the world of Farmwand as well. So let's check them out!

🐈 Meow~ Cat Time! 🐈

Cats were actually the first animals we added to the game, because you know, wizardry and cats are kinda inseparable. However, it has been almost a year since we made the first cats and, as time went by, they didn't feel up to par with the rest of the animals we've made. Thus, we decided to remake them because the cats need to purrrfect!

Here you can have a look of the improvement we've made :

Cat Improved Version 2 00

Cat Improved Version 2 03

And of course we have to have the orange cats, the black cats...and many more (you can see them in our Discord😉)!

New Cats!

New Cats!

Even more cats!

Even more cats!

🌳 Trees & Cutting trees 🪓

Ever since we started to work on Farmwand we have been making and then remaking the trees in order to make them prettier. And we finally seem to have gotten it right!

Tree comparison

We are also making more kinds of trees to fill the forests and enrich the landscapes in the game.

However, while running in the forest you may find your vision blocked by so many trees from time to time, so we created a see through effect to prevent you from getting lost in the woods.

This see-through effect was achieved entirely through shaders, by computing the position of the player and defining whether they are in front or behind any given surface, then using a mask to fade out the objects.

We also have a small video showing the progress we've made with the tree-cutting mechanics of the game...the only thing left to do is the actual drop of the wood logs so that we can start crafting!

💞Meet Cecilia🍞

In Farmwand, you will interact with many interesting characters and build friendships, rivalries, fall in love and be an ally or foe of both individuals and factions that you cross paths with during your adventures.

This is one of the romanceable characters in the game, a baker girl called Cecilia, with lots of dreams and stories to tell.

Cecilia HD Watermark

🍄Join the Farmwand Community!🏰

We have been sharing tons of daily updates and exclusive behind-the-scene contents in our Discord server and Farmwand Subreddit and have been receiving a lot of support and nice suggestions. If you are interested in sharing this journey with us, feel free to join our community!

(we recently opened a new channel in Discord to share all kinds of seasonal stuffs related to the autumn and Halloween, which include some new spooky props and decorations we are adding to the game, so remember to drop by and have a look :D)

Have a nice weekend, see you next time!

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