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Hello again everyone This week we have special news for you!

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Hello again everyone
This week we have special news for you!

1. Faded Skyscraper Reveal!

Recently,we ended the works over the 2nd Map of the DLC: Faded Skyscraper
We thank everyone for supporting us through these rought times
The preview is available in the video below:

The Preview showed here is from official Zombie Strike Group Youtube Channel
You can subscribe to watch first the reveals of maps,weapons and trailers!
You will also find some older Project Zombie Strike modification there

2. Main Modification Updates. Legacy Times Too!

We are making big clean-ups within the modification.
Unused files are being removed for lighter installation and make place for useful ones
Maps such as The Skyscraper and Fault Line suffered slight changes in layout
Objects that are useless or are blocking/harming players are removed
Wrench is coming back to Legacy Times!
This is one of most important news.
We keep updating the older Beta DLC to full version.
Beggining first with weapons,then later to total fixes for maps

3. Future Versions?

We promised about a month ago that we will bring new content to base modification
As Fade to Black is going to release,we will work over new maps and weapons
More information will be available after the DLC arrival!

This is it for this week
We thank everyone for paying us attention
See you next time
Zombie Strike


Hello, your Mod looks AMAZING!

A couple of questions:
1) Does it work online? Say, on a self-hosted Unranked Server?
2) I noticed from the last video by Chris T. that the zombies do not try to kill you when they approach you; they just seem to stop there, waiting to get shot. Is this going to change in the final release? :)

Really looking forward for this! :) Moderator S_h_a_r_k_93

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Noobkiller2 Author

1. Yes,i works pretty well.I will release a patch soon to remove the Balance Maker tool made for maps,so every setting can be customized

2. We made that distance since it is very difficult for Human Bots to dodge the zombie bites.The range of zombie attack is about 1.5 meters from the body,so we made a safe zone.Though,if you are fighting at least 5 zombies,you chances to die are very high

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