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Articles on factions & story added, couple of images, more progress updates incoming in the near future.

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I've added couple of articles detailing the background story and various factions in the mod respectively. Read more on the actual feature pages.

Background Story

I've added two new images to the gallery. One shows the new Phantom special passive defense whilst another shows some voxel scheme changes.

Phantom EMP MinesPhantom Color Scheme Changes

I will probably try to add more interesting images to the gallery in near future, showcasing various mod features.

In other news
Mod development is still going on, altough it might not reflect in amount of updates. Lately a lot of focus has went to polishing gameplay features and working on atmosphere/terrain related content which might be showcased here in ModDB eventually.

Mod also has it's own webpage which has a lot of detailing about individual units in the mod and is periodically updated to have the most up-to-date information. You can access Project Phantom website by clicking link in the 'Official Page' section of the mod info bar or from here.

That's all for this time folks.

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