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Expanding Fronts 1.4.1 is now available! This update contains a significant number of performance upgrades, content additions, and some long-awaited quality-of-life features.

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Yes, it's been 20 years since the original STAR WARS Galactic Battlegrounds game released. And so it's a great time for another Expanding Fronts update! We are pleased to announce Expanding Fronts version 1.4.1 has been released! This update contains a significant number of performance and stability updates. Also included is a slew of new maps and Scenario Editor content. Behind the scenes, 1.4.1 also lays some foundational work for a very, very major update that we expect to release in early 2022. More news on that will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. You can download the full version of Expanding Fronts 1.4.1 using the link below!

Expanding Fronts 1.4.1a (Full)

(Full version now includes the 1.4.1a hotfix)


Demo 20211111A



After much work, multi-queue production has finally been implemented into Galactic Battlegrounds. This means that if you have multiple production buildings of the same type selected and begin training units, the game will evenly distribute the training among the buildings automatically.

Demo 20211111C


Performance & Stability

  • Added 'Delink System Volume' option to the Configurator. This should help correct the issue of the in-game volume sliders not functioning properly.
  • Implemented a fix that significantly reduces main menu loading time.
  • Fixed an Out-of-Sync that could occur when a water unit passes over an area previously occupied by a building.
  • New EF cheats are properly saved in the command log and should no longer cause Out-of-Syncs when used in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when testing or playing scenarios that contained a Map-Copied Command Center.
  • Game will no longer check for display mode availability in Windowed mode. This will mitigate the "Cannot initialize graphics system" error on some systems. Note that Fullscreen mode is unaffected
  • Game will now load old versions of the data files when a saved or recorded game is loaded that has been played using these versions. Currently, only v1.4.0 is supported. A new version will be added with each public release. All games played on versions prior to this one are assumed to have been played on v1.4.0
  • You can force the game to reload the data files by creating an empty file reload_data in the Game\Data directory each time one of the following occurs:
    • A new game is started
    • A saved or recorded game is loaded
    • The Scenario Editor is opened
    • The Tech Tree button at the game setup screen is clicked
  • Fixed incorrect tech tree tooltip background color.
  • Fixed issues with unit counters since the previous update that could lead to unexpected AI behavior.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing the ‘Jump to Rally Point’ hotkey when a non-building object was selected.
  • Fixed an Out-of-Sync that could occur when Gungan foundation terrain is created.
  • Implemented high-granularity low-delay multiplayer

Cheat Codes

  • NEW Cheat code - “Koelsch”
  • NEW Cheat code - “Join us or die”
  • NEW Cheat code - “Deploy the garrison”

Graphics & Audio

  • (CF) Elite Magnaguards now use the correct deadunit graphic; slightly increased the duration of the decay animation.
  • (CF) Shipyard: Now has unique building and foundation graphics.
  • (CF) Frigate: Attack graphic no longer reverts to Lt. Frigate.
  • (FO) Cannon: Corrected animation issue in death sequence.
  • (FO) Medic: Unit now faces the correct direction when idle.
  • (FO) Cargo Freighter: Now has correct voice lines.
  • (GO) Farm: Now has a unique terrain graphic set.
  • (GO) Troopers, Mounted Troopers, Grenade Troopers, Anti-Air Troopers: Updated unit sprites.
  • (RS) Skispeeder: Unit now uses correct voice and weapon sound.
  • (RS) Cargo Hovercraft: Now has correct voice lines.
  • (RS) Aquaharvester: Now uses correct construction graphic.
  • (ZC) Repeater Trooper: Updated unit sprites; now uses a mounted weapon for visual consistency with other Repeaters Troopers. The original graphic has been implemented as a new unit in the Scenario Editor.
  • (ZC) Defiler: Updated unit sprites; unit size is now consistent with other infantry.
  • (ZC) Grenade Trooper: Updated unit sprites; now uses a mortar weapon for visual consistency with other Grenade Troopers.
  • (ZC) Medic: Updated unit sprites.
  • (ZC) Worker: Updated default (non-tasked) unit sprites.
  • (ZC) Vornskr: Idle sounds have been adjusted to play less frequently.
  • Fixed misaligned shadow on (CF) Tech Level 2 War Center.
  • Fixed misaligned shadow on (CF) Tech Level 4 Research Center
  • Fixed misaligned shadow on (RP) Tech Level 3 Jedi Temple.
  • Fixed missing shadows for some editor aircraft units.
  • Made scale and detailing adjustments to (CF) Fortress, Spaceport, and TL4/4 Power Core graphics.
  • Bespin Gas Collector: Restored new graphics.
  • Implemented new ambient terrain sounds.
  • Fixed blending issues with multiple new terrains.
  • Changed the foundation terrain of all Geonosian buildings to Dirt 2
  • Corrected shadows for Landed Moldy Crow
  • Tropical Water terrains now use the correct depth colors on the minimap.
  • Corrected clipping issues with death and decay animations for (FO) Trooper and (FO) Sith Trooper.
  • Implemented new sounds for the Vulptex and Arictex animals.
  • Corrected minor graphical artifacts present on various unit sprites.
  • Updated unit sprites for various Scenario Editor units and heroes.
  • Implemented a new yellow missile projectile for anti-ground usage to distinguish them from red anti-air missiles.
  • Added additional ambient terrain sound variants


  • (CF) - Corrected several missing Tech icons.
  • (CF) - Added unique Databank images.
  • (RS) Skispeeder: Removed redundant attack bonus listing.
  • (RS) Corrected missing resource icons on 800x600 UI bar.
  • (ZC) Vornskr: Unit renamed to "Vornskr (Controlled)"
  • Sith Infiltrator: Building renamed to "Landed Sith Infiltrator".
  • Incremented version number for Multiplayer.
  • Changed default Recorded Game replay options: View Lock and Demo Loop are now off by default.
  • Reorganized Configurator dialog layout.
  • Automated Processes - Changed Tech description to be more accurate: "Military units created 33% faster" > "Military production buildings work 33% faster."
  • Fixed capturable building unit train texts referring to standard unit-line upgrades
  • Fixed controlled animal train texts mentioning Fortress for train speed, which is incorrect, since Automated Processes does not affect Nurseries.
  • Changed "AA Battery" tech name to "Anti-Air Battery" in all places
  • Power Converters: Added effect description to Tech: "move faster" > "move 40% faster."
  • Corrected various typos across multiple Unit/Tech names and descriptions.
  • Added mentions of free speed/attack speed upgrades to Scout descriptions.
  • Fixed tech tree bug that stated Rotation Bearings as a prerequisite for Hvy Weapons Engineers
  • Corrected various missing entries in RS/FO Tech Tree menu.
  • Moved the Record Game button at the Load Saved Game screen to a more appropriate position.
  • Tech icons from capturable buildings now occupy the third button row to better distinguish them from units.
  • Added missing information to most Unique Unit train descriptions.
  • Fixed display error of the additional object stats when they could overlap with the currently researching tech icon.
  • Fixed Tech-Up and Attack Warning system messages displaying in an incorrect player color when co-op is used.
  • - Fixed a bug where unit creation buttons could sometimes disappear when they shouldn't when multiple buildings are selected.
  • Fixed chat scrolling with PgUp/PgDown sometimes being out of order.
  • Fixed every 50th chat message being overwritten by the following one.
  • Fixed widescreen problems when launching into Clone Campaigns (x1) mode.

Controls & Accessibility

  • Added new Hotkey Entries: Select All Building Type; Select All Military; Select All Civilians, Delete All Selected Units.
  • Added Sensor Buoy (default Y) and Underwater Prefab Shelter (default N) hotkey entries under Build Economic group
  • New Configurator Option: Keydown Object Hotkeys.
  • Turrets now have a ‘Back to Work’ button.
  • ‘Patrol’ Command now has a reduced delay before units respond to enemies. Response delay reduced from 10s to 2s. The Ctrl key can be used while issuing a Patrol command to use the old delay.

Demo 20211111E




  • New EF civilizations no longer gain the GE cost reduction bonus on Hvy Mech upgrades


  • Assault Mech: Removed Attack/Armor class 1.
  • Desert Skiff: Changed class to 53 to allow unit garrisoning.
  • Gamorrean Guard: Changed damage type to melee.


  • Capturable Building Techs are now available to all civs, rather than just the Empire.
  • Fortress: Corrected issue that caused the Fortress bonuses of the original civs to have no effect in Tech Level 3.
  • Fortress: Added missing HP change to the Presidium tech for Fortress annex buildings of earlier Tech Levels.
  • Fortress: Building now correctly costs 50% of its base cost to fully repair, instead of 100% in CC and 150% in older EF versions.
  • Jawa Camp: Now properly trains Explosive Droids
  • Jawa Camp: Footprint size reduced from 4x4 to 3x3.
  • Landmines: No longer receive Range upgrades from War Center techs that resulted in premature detonation.


  • Automated Processes: No longer partially lose its effects if researched before Resilience or Evacuation Protocols.
  • Ion Accu-Accelerator: No longer affects Mines.



  • Confederacy Alliance: Tech now affects Cargo Freighters.
  • Droid Upgrades: Tech no longer gives Mech units +3 Melee attack on top of +3 Ranged.

Galactic Empire


  • Hvy Mech upgrade cost bonus now functions like other bonuses of this kind instead of having a different base tech cost.



  • Potent Plasma: Tech now affects Transport Mechs and Air Cruisers.


  • Fortress: Repair cost is now based on the reduced cost of Gungan Fortresses instead of the standard price.



  • Medic: Unit now costs Food instead of Carbon.


  • Beast Training: HP gain increased from 15% > 25%

First Order


  • Assault Mech: Removed Attack class 0
  • Jet Trooper: - Blast defense level changed to 2, making them immune to the splash damage of their own attacks.
  • Riot Trooper: Unit now occupies the Mounted Trooper class, and receives appropriate upgrades.


  • Conflagrine-14: Tech no longer gives flametroopers +1 Line of Sight and Search Radius. Effects are now limited to only the Flametrooper unit line instead of all units of the Mounted Trooper class.
  • Indoctrination: Tech cost has been changed to 480F, 400N; reduced by their civ bonus to 360F, 300N.

Rebel Alliance


  • Evacuation Protocols: Will no longer break building Range/Attack, and is no longer auto-researched when starting games in TL3.



  • Mech Destroyer: Fixed error in attack animation data that caused excessive delays before firing.
  • Skispeeder: Attack bonus vs Hvy Weapons increased by +3.


  • Resilience: Will no longer break building Range/Attack, and is no longer auto-researched when starting games in TL3.
  • Resilience: Tech cost reduced from 300C, 350N > 250C, 200N.
  • Bunkerbusters: Tech cost has been changed to 300C, 500N; reduced by their civ bonus to 240C, 400N.

Trade Federation


  • Infantry cost reduction bonus now only affects Troopers.


  • Deployment Racks: Tech cost reduced from 400F, 350N > 250F, 150N.



  • Anti-Air Destroyer: Unit changed from Class 40 to 16.

Zann Consortium


  • Assault Mech: Removed Attack Class 0
  • Nightsisters: Units receive Search Radius upgrades in Tech Level 3/4.
  • Defiler: Splash damage radius reduced from 0.6> 0.45.


  • Phased Pulse Cannons: Tech now affects Scouts.
  • Piracy: Cost reduction effect changed from 10% >30%, Train time reduction changed from 15%>25%.


New Maps!


Demo 20211111 Bestine

Players occupy hilly continents and fight to control the sea, and the cluster of forested islands it contains.


Demo 20211111 GenbaraA heavily forested landmass, featuring winding trails and thin, shallow-less rivers that separate players.


Demo 20211111 HyIzlanA frigid landmass where dense forests empty onto a central clearing containing a massive frozen lake.


Demo 20211111 MichiBased on the classic AoK map. Teams are separated by a thick wall of forests containing hidden pockets of Nova and Ore.


Demo 20211111 MudflowStarting from a cramped sinkhole, players must quickly expand into the vast swamps to gather resources and find building space.


Demo 20211111 WobaniA barren world, rich in mineral resource deposits.


  • Most previously existing EF scripts have been updated with a new, standardized resource generation template to help ensure more consistent and balanced distribution of resources.

Abregado Rae:

  • Reduced amount of cliffs.
  • Adjusted border fuzziness for smoother shorelines.

Aeten II:

  • Slightly reduced the size of lava pools.


  • Slightly increased the size of the central island.
  • Reduced the number of neutral ruins that spawn.

Alaris Prime:

  • Decreased the amount of Gundarks that spawn on neutral islands.


  • Adjusted the size and distribution of forest patches.
  • Decreased the amount of fish that spawn in rivers.

Alzoc III:

  • Decreased the total amount and maximum length of cliffs.
  • Adjusted the size and distribution of forest patches.


  • Added a central clearing to the map.
  • Reduced the number of cliffs that generate.
  • Added a chance of snowfall to some map generations.

Cato Neimoidia:

  • Slightly increased size of player lands.
  • Map now generates larger neutral landmasses for players to migrate to.


  • Reduced number of cliffs.
  • Reworked terrain generation.


  • Removed destructive lava bubbles.


  • Reworked terrain generation.


  • Map now uses the correct ruins structure.

Demo 20211111F



  • /goal debug command is no longer off by one.
  • Provided POPULATION-CAP-# defines for AIs ranging from 25 to 1000.

Computer AI

  • Added a failsafe with a warning message for when population checks break.
  • Fixed rare case of AI failing to build Farms on low-Food or no-Food maps.
  • Fixed broken population checks/unit counters.
  • Increased allowed Farms from population limits 275 to 1000.
  • Removed Tech Level check from generic Animal Nursery build rule so the AI properly takes advantage of herdables.
  • Removed taunt 201 from attack command rules, it only remains in a town-under-attack response rule.

Computer Expanded AI

  • Fixed rare cases of AI failing to build Farms on low-Food or no-Food maps.
  • Fixed cases of AI sending all of its military units to scout.
  • Limited the number of Scouts and Probots the AI is able to build.
  • Removed combat-arm/combat-supp requirement from troop range upgrades.
  • Removed combat-arm/combat-supp requirements from armor and range techs in the War Center.
  • Increased minimum and maximum town sizes across all map sizes.
  • Fixed combat-supp UNIQUE/TROOP caring about focus-bombardment in their unique unit train rules.
  • Fixed combat-arm UNIQUE getting stuck in a situation where it trains just Cannons even though it has multiple Fortresses.
  • Fixed farm-build goal bugs that were causing excessive goal on/off switching.
  • Fixed Cannon train rule doing a useless population check for units when Cannons are considered buildings.
  • Fixed logics that relied on timers, this includes attack handling.
  • Fixed issue that caused AI to sell excessive amounts of Food in order to afford a Monument.
  • Fixed broken population checks/unit counters.
  • Reduced number of Workers assigned to building tasks as Tech Levels advance to decrease the number of idle Workers.
  • AI will now build Prefabs earlier if it is combat-arm MECH/HW.
  • AI will now build Farms regardless of other considerations if the enemy has out-aged it.
  • Updated military parity consideration logic for all difficulty levels, uses the population level defined percentages instead of fixed numbers for evaluation.
  • Adjusted Tech Level 3 and 4 gathering percentages to lower the chance of getting stuck with just Food and Carbon gatherers.
  • Added framework for centralized reset of timer goals so goals can rely on timers properly.
  • Fixed cases of missing Spaceport check on ask for tribute rules.
  • AI checks for unpowered buildings less frequently.
  • Fixed incorrect timer ID usage that caused crashes to happen if the AI is used in a player slot.
  • AI now sends attack taunts to every ally rather than just humans if the attack rule has one.
  • Dropped combat-arm/combat-supp TROOP requirement from any tech that improves Troopers since all combat-arms use Troopers to some extent.
  • Removed unnecessary requirements for some actions.
  • Added rules for training Fighters or Interceptors depending on which is available to counter just Air Cruisers specifically.
  • AI will train Bombers and Assault Mechs if combat-arm UNIQUE as Gungans.
  • AI will train Fighters if not combat-arm/combat-supp AIR as Rebels or Resistance.



  • Fixed Scenario editor player population limit sometimes resetting to invalid values on scenario creation.
  • Added multiple new units, buildings, and objects to the Scenario Editor.
  • Scenarios created in Expanding Fronts are now saved using the new .sc2 file extension. Pre-existing .sc1 files can be converted to the new .sc2 format using the included conversion tool.

Editor Interface

  • The Ctrl + B (Grid Toggle) and Ctrl + A (Selection Box Toggle) shortcuts in the Scenario Editor now function properly.
  • The Inverse Condition checkbox now displays an exclamation mark when unchecked to make it more obvious that Conditions have a negative operator.

Map & Terrain Tools

  • Added multiple new terrain options.


  • Change Unit Data/Change Unit Property Object: Altered the names of certain Variables (old names will still work):
    • Death Mode > UndeadMode
    • AirMode > CanBeBuiltOn
    • SelectionMask > OcclusionMode
    • SelectionShapeType > ObstructionType
    • SelectionShape > BlockageClass
    • Unselectable > Recyclable
    • EnableAutoGather > CanBeGathered
  • New Variables:
    • Available
    • Disabled
    • CombatLevel
    • InterfaceKind
    • GarrisonHealRate
  • Attack and Armor can now be changed even when the object has no attack or armor of the specified class. Missing classes are assumed to have the value of 0
  • Change Unit Data, Change Unit Property Object, Change Unit Variable now let you specify multiple actions within a single input box, separated by line breaks


  • (FO) Advanced Torpedoes: Removed duplicate effect on AA projectiles.
  • Tracking Computers: Removed duplicate smart mode effect from affected projectiles
  • Rally points can now be placed for incomplete building foundations


We want to extend a massive Thank You to everybody who has supported the mod over the past years. We have significant news to put out in the upcoming weeks in regards to our upcoming 1.5 release early next year. So far, it's shaping up to be the largest content addition we've ever released for the mod!

u bs gladiatordroid stage1 walk


Awesome! Thank you for the update. (from Baldur's Kitchen - Youtube).

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This is awesome!

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JJK from Baldur's Kitchen here again. For Mac users, here's a very rough guide to how you play Expanding Fronts.

Download Porting Kit.

Buy the game from GoG for a few pounds.

Then download two things onto your desktop.

(1) The Expanding Fronts full version (the latest one)
(2) The Offline Backup Game Installers (Go to your games in your GoG account, click on Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, then down load the Offline Backup Game Installers - note this is not the Install game version but it's below it).

Once you have these on your desktop, you can install Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds into Porting Kit, then you can install the Expanding Fronts mod into the directory using the way to find the "Game" folder I mentioned in my previous post.

Then what I do is rename the battlegrounds_x2.exe filename as battlegrounds_x1.exe (by renaming the file that already has that name as something else first).

Then basically you can play the game in Porting Kit.

As said I've been playing it for a while on my iMac, and I've installed the latest patches with no problems. It's just a case of knowing how to do it because it can be a bit daunting before you know.

Hope this helps someone.

(Note: As proof, you can see my Expanding Fronts recorded games on my Baldur's Kitchen Youtube channel - they're all played on a Mac!).

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