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I was recently interviewed by YouTuber "SoBad" on the making of MAP02 of EXODUS, including some of my more general level design approaches and inspirations. Watch and listen to the full interview here while SoBad plays through MAP02. Don't forget to subscribe to his channel if you enjoyed our chat!

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SoBad and I sit down for a chat where he covers a range of topics and questions regarding my level design approach, both with EXODUS and with my mapping in general. You can watch the full interview here and if you enjoyed his interview/playthrough, I recommend subscribing as he has a lot of great Doom content like this!

Here is supplementary video to the interview showing many of the direct references and inspirations I took from movies while making EXODUS, specifically with MAP02 "Mega Corps":


Wasn't the second map in Auger Zenith? I know I played it not that long ago. Was surprised to see it when I loaded up Exodus earlier. Beat the first map and saw the second and knew I had already played it within 2 seconds of starting it.

Edit: Oh nevermind I just read the description at the top and yeah I was right. Is this version very different from the DoomerBoards release or is it mostly the same map?

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ChrisMoyer Author

Play it and see for yourself! There are a lot of additions and changes from the AZ version. It will take you a lot longer to beat than the MAP10/AZ version, but should be a similar level of difficulty. Let me know what you think. :)

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