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This is the July European Conflict Update. We hope you enjoy this update, as always we'll have more to show next month until then, EC Team signing off.

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American Confederacy A60 "Thunderbolt III

The venerable A-10 Warthog served American forces well into the third Persian Gulf war, but with the forming of the greater American Confederacy and the threat of war imminent, an update to the ancient Close Air Support platform was needed. This came in the form of the A60mk3 "Thunderbolt 3", or "God's Fist" as troops have come to call it. Designed to be attached to a unit at the company level, this new CAS plane can be deployed by a wise general to turn the tide of a battle. Its heavy autocannons fire the same 25mm shells as its older brother, but these new guns, engineered for high power by Armistice Corporation specifically for the AC, produce a rate of fire that almost triples that of the old design- an extremely impressive feat considering the high speed of the original weapons. Add to this its payload of missiles and bombs, and the hardy Thunderbolt is a force to be reckoned with once more.

American Confederacy A.H.T.T.

Along with the Confederacy's shock and awe tactics came an inherent problem. Until recently, the AC lacked a practical method for moving its heavy armor around the battlefield quickly. If necessity is the mother of invention, then is was surely necessity that sparked the development of the Airborne Heavy Tank Transport. Designed with redundancy in mind, the helo can operate on only one of its three engines, and its heavy armor plating makes it highly unlikely that any of the engines would fail in the first place. While slow compared to other helicopters of its class, the AHTT is still considered a fast mover, compared to confederacy tanks moving on the ground. Intelligent deployment of these helicopters, to reinforce troops on the ground, or to pull troops out of losing engagements, can make quite the difference for AC commanders.

United Asian Nations Su-67 "Peregrine

Until recently the United Asian Nations' airforce was a laughable concept, consisting of aging weapons piloted by even more aging pilots. After being mocked by the rest of the world for so long, they eventually developed a force worth mentioning. And a key aspect of this new, formidable force was the development of the Peregrine. While a relatively old design, the '67 remains efficient and economical for UAN commanders to operate. It provides the power of carpet bombing in a medium armored system, that, while not speedy, is sure to deliver its payload on time.

We hope you've enjoyed our latest update.

This is the EC team signing off.


the texture gives the generals feeling good job

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Good textures and models, nice job!

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LOVE THE 'United Asian Nations Su-67 "Peregrine' VERY MUCH!

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Samster01 Author

Glad you like the update guys. As usual we'll have more stuff to show next month. :D

- Sam

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