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Beta 0.2.0 version of my project is ready and will be uploaded soon. In this article we are going to talk about new features, the future of my mod and why did i rename it.

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Beta 0.2.0 version of my project is ready and already uploaded.

In this article we are going to talk about new features, the future of my mod and why did i rename it.

Yes, now my project is called "Entropy".

Shortest definition of entropy is a measure of chaos.

I made this decision because my project outgrew the original idea of three small SP/co-op campaigns and balance changes. Now i see it as large project with it's own lore that continues original RA3/Uprising events, and adds brand new gameplay elements.

I am going to leave the name "The Last Crusade" for the main campaign, because the event that has become a catalyst for this story is called "The Crusade".

Now, regarding new features

Beta 0.2.0, being Japanese Update, brings a lot of changes to Empire of the Rising Sun. Most of them are shown in this article.

New unit and balance changes

First, a new unit called Oblivion

Tier 3, 3200$, 20 sec.


Oblivion - is a Japanese flying aircraft carrier/heavy bomber aircraft that assembles kamikaze planes.

As long as it plays two roles: long-range carrier and short-range bomber, it is not as good at both roles as vehicles specially designed for this roles (namely, Aircraft Carrier and Kirov Airship).

As secondary ability, Oblivion carries up to 5 troops or one vehicle.

Mecha Tengu, Riptide ACV and Sickle deal slightly more DPS vs infantry due to improved rate of fire.

Changed the FX of the Commissar's rush ability and Raider's attack

Final squadron aircrafts deal more damage with their guns

Wave-Force Artillery's width of attack increased

New easter eggs

...and more little changes i forgot about

Infantry cover taking system

Entropy Mod announces new gameplay element - now, infantry will take covers behind different destructible obstacles, buldings or even vehicles. Taking cover will improve armor of the infantry unit againist normal attacks (bullets, cannons), but not energy, toxin, cryo weapon and so on.

It will give the infantry more tactical value on the battlefield.

Now, as a test, this effect is applied to Soviet bunker. Cover effect shown as Iron Curtain effect so you can see if infantry took the cover. In future, this effect will get it's own FX

New Skirmish/Multiplayer maps

I started developing new skirmish/multiplayer maps. Four of them are ready to play, although they are still in development and not filled with details.

Revenge Islands


Normal size 1v1 map for heavy duels

Gates of Hell


Small 2v2 map for very intense battles

Shallow Waters


Small 1v1 map for quick duels

River of Life


Small 1v1 map with lots of open surfaces

Follow the news, and thank you for support!


Is that airship what I htink it is?

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Are those two planes on the runway of the ship a reference to a bullet hell I used to play?

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