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Just a quick summary of some things to come to you soon :)

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So as you know the team is hard at work.Lots of new content is on the way.

Currently I'm having some issues retrieving our git repo (nuh-uh, it's private!) that hopefully get sorted out so that I can make normal commits to it ;)

Added working thirst to the game (with some wisdom from Alundaio fixing a small issue it had), finally updated a good portion of the ui icons, and added weather similar to Lost Alpha (the version Cromm Cruac made, not the Directors Cut weather which is being done by Vincent). The weather looks and feels beautiful, and gives a fresh coat of paint to Atmosfear 3.

burguois is working on several things including a Stalker news network, new fallout system, as well as a secret of ours, and a new nightvision system. He's a hard worker.

Comrade Bear is working on getting anims correct as X-Ray engine is a pain in the ass when it comes to letting users do things smoothly. He's quickly getting the hang of it though.
Once successful we'll have our first new weapon from him: An SR1M :)After that I have many other projects for him.

So the main news I have now is that I hope to have a gameplay video up within the next two weeks. I think 20 minutes would be good if ModDB supports videos that long. I'll play through Zaton a bit before heading into Jupiter. I'll also mess around with various settings, show you some of the new menu options, and time_lapse the weather so you can see how beautiful it looks at different times of day :)

That's all for now, but as always new content is always being added. I'm very happy with where Radium stands right now, and most of that is due to burguois doing a great job on gameplay features.

I'm lucky to have the team I have right now, we're working together very well.


Sounds like this is shaping up to be a neat collection of new features and a nice little overhaul. Hopefully it's out this summer before I head back to university, good luck with the project.

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Delicious as always :D looking is forward already !

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Weather does look nice. What is wrong with your repo?

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