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Coming from the coldest places of space, they bring chaos to Cosmos, burning and leaving no one in their's way. They are the Sajuuk's Wrath, Jakuul himself and precursor of the demon of pain for the enemies of the Taiidan. The Ion Cannon Frigate - the core and flaming sword of taiidani fleet.

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Hello everyone! It was a long time, before here were posted some news.
It's quite understandable, as it's summer, vacations, jobs, and also, for somebody, studying - like for itsthepopei, who's preparing for his Magisterium. So let's wish him luck and for all who's in the same troubles.
But, as I'm writing here, that means, that our little project has some good news for you, guys.

Tea for Taiidani
Well, our poject has a very talented modeler and texturer, decent guy Dark Sentinel, who making the frigate line. For now he has done Kudaark - you probably have seen this giant worm from the sands of Kharrakis forests of Taiiden. And this time he presents you the Taiidani Ion Cannon Frigate! hurray!
You can see him in the gallery on the wallpaper, done by talented mr. Pouk.

D'Sentinel is now making TDFF, and after that he probably would get to the "Soup" Frigate to get the whole collection of taiidani frigates.
But it's quite a pity that he's the only who's making anything for now....

But we have a donations also.
Ringleader, who's is more about Halo mod (or whatever, I just suggest) have donated us two models, the TICF and the Salvette. But we have some problems with them.
Well, first, though RingLeader's TICF is beautiful (especially in the scrshts), we won't be using it as it would break the unity of frigate line, done by D'Sentinel. But here are the scrshts:
The second problem is with salvette - first, it's untextured, second, it's overpolygoned. Pouk is now investigating what could be done with it and would it be used.

Anyway, you can watch both by downloading these models:
TICF model download link:
Salvette model download link:
But remember - if you're going to use it, first, contact author and ask permission, second, if he agrees, give him credit and whatever he would ask you )))

But - I must say, we're not alone!
Recently we received signals from the God's forgotten place that only barbarian bandits habited, and the recoinassance have found this vessel:
An expedition was sent.
It had found Jkberna who's willing to give a second life to the all HW1 models. As our project is crossing the field of his interest we have kind of coop. But still, it's the taiidani project, so only taiidans here.
Jkberna have already done the "Hammer" corvette - ask him for this. Also he's going to make the taiidani defenders for us, so beware ))) I hope that defenders would be more precise to original then "arrow"...
Well, what can I say... Great! ) I'm just glad that he's kinda with us, that everything is going forward no matter what.

Close-Quarter Combat
Another thing is that we need for salvage frigate. Yes, you haven't misheard, if you'd like you can reread mod concept in the "feature" - we want salvage frigate as HW1 salvaging system is not working.
For this goal we need you artistic experience. How do you think what would it look like? Would it be like HMF going close to the hull of captured ship? Or would capture look like the "kiss of the ramming frigate"?
Of course, it would be easier to remake just the nose of the frigate, to left it's chassis untouched. But we can watch the "soup" frigate and see another vision of salvage frigate. Anyway it's up to you to your ideas, concepts how could it look like.
Please give the links to your concepts in the comments or by e-mail (here).

Call of Duty
So for now there's such situation:
1. Fighters - no one;
1. a. Defenders - Jkberna;
2. Corvettes - no one;
2. a. Repair Corvette - Itsthepopei;
2. b. Salvette - situation unclear;
3. Frigates - D'Sentinel;
4. Capitals - no one;
5. Utility - no one;
This picture certainly lacks you. )

So, any questions? Any ideas? Be free to say, we're waiting for this )


Could you start with using the HWU models, not ships because to be more like the original Taiidan, sub systems cannot be built though engines could be targeted on capitalships as well as the resource drop off. What do you think guys?

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AmDDRed Author

Well, we have already considered this question with you )

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