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Check out a brand new biome and Crucible in this weeks Eden Rising Dev stream with Brent and Pat!

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Last Friday during our weekly Devstream on Twitch Brent and Pat decided to take us on a tour through a new biome, The Fungal Preserve accompanied by their tribe.

The tribe met up on a cliffside adorned with Ascendant ruins, and took a leap of faith down into the canyon below.

Making their way through the sprawling forest we learned that The Fungal Preserve home to the untouched wilds of Eden. Beneath the great canopies of the flowering mushrooms, the tribe collected useful materials and cleared the way toward the new Crucible, that can be seen on the horizon. They even made use of some scavenged pod mines to take out a thick nest of Medusas.

After arriving at the brand new Crucible, they split up into small groups to defend each lane against hordes of new creatures. The exploding Seeker Scarabs almost caught them by surprise! Fortunately the team had some firepower on their side and made short work of the monsters.

Before heading out into the wilds again to gather more material, the team showed off the newly implemented Plunge Attacks for all melee weapons. By jumping and swinging your weapon in midair you can execute a powerful downward attack!

Finally, the tribe headed to the east up a long sandy scrubland pathway leading to a beautiful cliff-side overlook and Telesite tower.

We had a lot of fun this week! You can check out the full stream below on our Youtube channel, or join us Live on Fridays at 2.00 PM EST on Twitch!

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