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Highlights from our second developer stream where we show more siege gameplay and a cool new weapon type!

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Our latest Devstream is available on Twitch[] and Youtube! Brent and Pat take the reins again and run us through some more difficult sieges with their trusty tribesmates.

First they met up in the Valley of the Ascendants Crucible where some friends are waiting to get started. Fortunately they have been busy and gathered a bunch of resources so we can get crafting and jump right into the action.

They scope out the paths the monsters are taking in this round and craft up some traps. The tribe coordinate and place down some auto turrets at a bottleneck location, with some stickpots to slow monsters down for maximum damage!

The fight goes well, but Pat needs to learn to dodge better! Fortunately a tribe member resurrected them in time! The tribe beat the siege and are rewarded with a brand new weapon type, the Bident!

The guys head out into the wilds to find the needed materials for crafting the fast hitting weapon.

Finally the team headed off out of the Valley along the sulfur beach towards a new biome, the Searing Coast. With its hazy orange skyline and towering spires, it's certainly a drastic change from the Valley, and populated by plenty of dangerous creatures to fight!

You can check out the full stream below on our Youtube channel.

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