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Presenting a new wave of ringheroes, coming in the next patch.

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Greetings, Companions of Edain!

After introducing you to the reworked Witch-king we wanted to showcase the largest change that will be going into the next version. We have come to the conclusion that the main selling point of Edain is the ring heroes and that adding more ring heroes could only lead to increased popularity. As such, we are happy to announce that in the next version, we will be adding a new wave of ring heroes to every faction. Of course, we have examined every addition to make sure that it is respectful of the lore and enhances the faction it is from. So without further ado, here is wave two of the Edain ringheroes.

Faction: Angmar

Ever since we released an article on the Steward of Carn-dum, players have had their suspicion that Mornamarth would one day attempt to claim the One for himself. And they were right all along! In fact, the official wiki almost leaked this fact when the page for Mornamarth was first created. Thankfully we caught the mistake quickly and the fact remained only a rumour.

But this massive overhaul is a good chance to officially confirm it and so, we present Ring-hero Mornamarth.

Level 1 - Carn Dum Supremacy: Mornamarth’s control of Angmar is precarious and made worse by his ideals. Mornamarth does not have the magic to control the creatures of Angmar and as such can no longer use werewolves, barrow-wights, and trolls. The Witch-king’s most loyal followers also abandon him as such he can no longer recruit Durmarth, Zaphragor, Gulzar, Karsh and of course, the Witch-king himself. Mornamarth believes only the elite are worthy to be part of Angmar, as such, Men of Carn Dum receive massive buffs but any other type of unit receives massive debuffs.

Level 2 - Darkest Brand: Enhanced by the power of the One Ring, Mornamarth can now apply his dark brand to enemy battalions. This will cause them to lose -40% armour but increase the damage of nearby Men of Carn Dum by 60%. If the battalion is killed, Mornamarth will be healed to full.

Level 4 - Blade of the Ruler: Mornamarth unleashes the power of the Ring, dealing AoE damage with his blade but causing great damage to nearby Men of Carn Dum. Everytime Mornamarth attacks, branded enemy battalions will also emit a pulse, damaging nearby enemies.

Level 7 - Royal Edict: Mornamarth orders the targetted building to hand over all their manpower and resources to the Men of Carn Dum. The building is permanently disabled but it reduces the recruitment and upgrade cost of the Men of Carn Dum by 5%. This bonus stacks.

Level 10 - Final Assault: Mornamarth marks an enemy fortification for destruction. Any allied unit that comes near it is ordered to destroy it or die trying. As such, they gain massive buffs but die after 60 seconds. If the building is destroyed, all allied units will be cleared of the effect and won’t die.

Mornamarth is a cruel ruler and his ideal of a perfect Angmar pushes him to take decisions with terrible long-term consequences. At the peak of his power you will be able to recruit upgraded Men of Carn Dum for free and send them endlessly into battle against a specific area. However, in exchange, you lose out to the diverse roster that has been Angmar's strength all along and to many of the iconic heroes of the faction.

Faction: Mordor

The Edain Team recently played Shadow of War as part of our most recent team-building exercise. It was quite the experience with each team member controlling a different button, we did not manage to finish the game, mainly because Radagast, who controlled the mouse, would constantly observe the textures and landscapes even during combat. Nonetheless, we played a good bit and were quite impressed with some of the lore we discovered. Thanks to the work of the people at Monolith we discovered details never before revealed in the works of Tolkien.

One detail especially fascinated us: the Nazgûl Sisters Riya and Yukka. We were so inspired by their story we decided to implement something similar in Edain, this is why we are happy to present for all to enjoy Ring-hero Khamul.

Level 1 - Presence of the One: Khamul seizes the One for himself and casts Sauron into the Void. Sauron will be permanently transformed into his Shadow form until Khamul loses the ring. Buildings and units near Khamul lose armour and damage. Heroes will be slowed and lose damage. Sauron’s tasks will now give levels to Khamul and other Nazgul will unlock abilities based on Khamul’s level.

Level 1 - Winged Shadows: Khamul orders eight fell beasts to target a unit or hero. Each fell beast will strike once before disappearing.

Level 4 - Sorcery of Dol Guldur: Khamul casts a black veil of magic on the target area. Enemy buildings within it will be disabled and take damage over time. At the end of the ability, hordes of Black Easterlings will be spawned based on the number of buildings that have been destroyed up to three hordes total.

Level 7 - Witchcraft of Dol Guldur: Khamul casts a dark veil of magic on the target area. Enemy units within it will take damage over time. At the end of the ability, hordes of castellans will be spawned based on how many units have died up to three hordes total.

Level 10 - Vassals of the new Dark Lord: Khamul calls on the tribes of the east and south to answer his call. Casting the ability will summon a barracks and some permanent troops from one of the three following tribes: Easterling, Haradrim, Wainriders. From the barracks, special heroes and units can be recruited.

Khamul's ascension from simply lackey into a new Dark Lord feels very true to the lore and natural. His new ability set references that and makes it easy to see why we would pick him for the second wave of ring heroes in Mordor. It also answers a long-term request from the community to be able to recruit more Evil Men in Mordor. Using Sorcery of Dol Guldur you'll be able to easily destroy large armies and with the aid of the Witchcraft of Dol Guldur, tearing down enemy structures will be no problem... Wait...

Samwise the Strong
Faction: Lothlorien

Sam deserves to be a Ring Hero just because of what he did for the War of the Ring so we decided why not. Also we really liked that clip

Level 1 - Hero of the Age: Sam claims the One for himself, he dawns the armour of the Hobbit Kings of old and his sword is set ablaze. Armies from all the nations flock to his call, recruitment time of all units is hugely decreased. Left-click to mount Samwise onto an armoured Bill.

Level 3 - I claim thee! : Sam claims an enemy building for himself, flames spilling from his blade. The building is disabled and set on fire, taking increased damage from all sources, if the building is destroyed while the ability is active, allied units near gain a great buff.

Level 5 - The Sun shines for he alone: The clouds part and a great light shines onto Samwise the Strong. The light terrifies all enemies around, making them cower and heals Sam for a great amount.

Level 7 - Beware the Power: Sam uses the power of the Ring, with every use the power of the ring grows and so does Sam’s. Each time the ability is used it will provide a powerful buff to Sam, but when it expires it will deal some damage to him. While the buff is active, this ability has a very short cooldown, if it is used while the buff is still active it will increase the buff and its duration but increase the damage Sam will take when the buff expires. Once the buff expires the ability will go on a long cooldown.

Level 10 - Behold, the gardens of my delight!: Sam uses the power of the Ring to turn a huge area around him into a garden of Eden, enemy units near him when the ability is activated are transformed into animals. A huge area around Sam is turned into a garden, providing armour and health regeneration to all allied units within it. This bonus persists for a full minute after the allies leave the garden.

Sam is a master of area control and building destruction. He can easily raise an army in a matter of minutes to siege out a location.

Faction: Gondor

Isildur already uses the ring in the movies so it was an easy addition.

Level 1 - Invisibility: Putting on the ring to take himself out of the direst of the situations, Isildur becomes invisible.

Level 3 - The sea is always right!: The sea is always right is a very important sentence for the men of Numenor, it is very inspiring for anyone that hears it and through the power of the ring, Isildur commands the sea. Isildur cast a powerful flood against the enemies

Level 5 - Might of Numenor: Through the ring, Isildur restore the glory of Numenor and become the most renowned of all the kings, his structures will be known for ages and far and wide. Repair to full health all buildings on the map and give them +100% Armor for one minute

Level 7 - Battlecry: During the siege of Barad Dur by the Last Alliance, Elendil high king of Arnor and Gondor has been killed by Sauron. Isildur after seeing the death of his father cried out stunning all units in a wide radius.

Level 10 - Disaster of the Gladden Fields: In the last moments of his live, Isildur the ring abandoned him and the orcs that nearby saw his shadow and were afraid but they shot him dead. From now on each time Isildur puts on the ring, there is a 30% chance to spawn a unit of orc archers that can one-shot him

Faction: Imladris

We recently read a ring-hero hero fanfic about Gwaihir and we really liked it so we decided to add him too. It just read really well.

Level 1 - Messenger of Manwe: Gwahir uses the power of the one ring to give himself the role of the messenger of Manwe and all the eagles are viewed as such eagles on the map move twice as fast for 2 minutes

Level 3 - Might of the eagles:The one ring gives Gwahir enhanced strength, and sharpens his already keen sense him and the surrounding eagles deal double damage, have double armour and twice the line of sight

Level 5 - King of the Eagles: Gwahir proclaims himself king of all that flies, all birds, bats and insects are now considered by him his subjects. Randomly summon 4 flying units between eagles, crows, bees or bats to fight with him.

Level 7 - Screech:Using the power of the ring, Gwahir makes a powerful magical screech that is heard far and wide. Gwahir makes a powerful screech that makes all the units in a very large radius flee in terror

Level 10 - Friend of the dwarves: Gwahir is still considered a friend of the dwarves and being attacked by Sauron to take on the ring, Gwahir asks the dwarves to come to his help. Summons a small army of filthy dwarves armed to war.

As a final treat, we wanted to showcase some of Pippin's new ring hero abilities. He will also be joining the wave of new ring heroes alongside many others that we have not revealed yet.

Level 1 - Disturbing Presence: Pippin gains speed for a short time and attracts the enemy's attention. Enemy units pursue Pippin to strike him down. After a short time, Pippen uses the One Ring to hide and becomes invisible.

Level 3 - Second Breakfast: Pippin takes care of the community's well-being. He prepares a feast for the entire community. Allied units are healed in a large radius.

Level 5 - Little Hero: Pippin infiltrates a group of enemy units and temporarily instills fear in them through his bravery and determination. He sneaks under the enemy units and sets off fireworks that explode after a while.

Level 7 - Hobbit Network: Pippin uses his contacts to gather information. Hobbits are scattered all over the map to explore the area and spy on the enemy.

Level 10 - Insatiable Curiosity: Due to his great curiosity and clumsiness, Pippin often gets into dangerous situations. The one ring leaves Pippin with no fear. Thus, Pippin explores the most desolate places in Middle-earth. In doing so, he awakens long-forgotten creatures to life. Summons random neutral units.

We hope you enjoy our second wave of Ring-heroes and are, as always, looking forward to your feedback!

Your Edain Team

treefoz - - 411 comments

Yeaaaah, it's April 1st. I don't trust this for a second. lol

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NiiRubra - - 477 comments

Lol at the Shadows of War playthrough with the team.

Also it's about time Sam was recognized as the most important character in the entire story.

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Primer_Sartoris - - 935 comments

Everything was alright till the very suspicious Shadow of war was mentioned. Isildur AND the sea Is always right made me realize everything!!

None the less i would propose some what if maps (very simple though) where available, for some of this work Is truly apreciated. Its been More or less 15 years (or More? I lost the track) of aprils fool, 15 funny surprises!

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vikingman369 - - 152 comments

When I saw "the sea is always right", I was like "wait a minute, this is an April Fools thing, isn't it?"

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You guys always put so much effort into fooling us :D

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MrTodd - - 394 comments

Nice try ;)

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Ah yes, the usual April Fool's from the Edain team !

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