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Edain 4.5.2 is a fixpatch that fixes many bugs and balance issues. Mainly it is made for the tournament, such that there are no big balance and game issues.

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Greetings, companions of Edain!

Today we released patch 4.5.2 for the Edain. You can download it by using the update-function in your Edain Launcher. The main purpose of the patch is not to add new features, but to fix some important bugs and also improve the balance for the tournament. Hence (beside bugs) it also does not change too many things so players won't have to relearn the whole game.
We want to give players the best and fairest game experience for the next couple of weeks. In addition there are some changes to the horde maps (for the people who don't play on the tournament).

If you want to watch the tournament games, you can find all rules here and all the schedules, livestreams and other informations here.
Most games will be streamed live and/or uploaded as a VOD. We, as team members, will most likely also be found in the chat of some games or even as commentators for some matches.
We wish all players good luck and a lot of fun in this tournament! We are excited to see how the strongest strategies crystallize throughout the tournament.


In case you don't have a version of Edain installed already, you first have to download the basic version as a complete package. After installing Edain, use the Update Function of the Edain Launcher to get the latest version. You may have to update several times until the launcher shows that no newer version is available anymore.

Edain 4.5 Demo

Should you encounter any problems with our mod, feel free to stop by in our Support forums!

4.5.2 Changelog

Bug fixes:

  • Horde:Minas Tirith – strengthened weak attacks, weakened strong attack; also some bugfixes (troups should less often climb into the second ring)
  • Horde:Aldburg – walls are more durable
  • Horde:Minas Morgul – wrong sounds and attacks of attacks, control can't fall infinitely below 0, Grond was deleted, gates are not rebuildable and enemy lances and knights have less aggro range
  • Spring of Carnen – The spring is now completely walkable in the northeast, without having as many impassable points
  • Midge water marshes – Expansion points should be rebuildable after destruction
  • Other maps – Some QoL changes to the maps
  • Rohan's farms – Fixed a bug that crashed the game upon using 'Man the Defenses'
  • Gondor Townhouses – all buildings now produce the same amount
  • Many more bugs – fixed

  • Balance changes:
  • Angmar's plague – not usable on Lothlorien forge anymore
  • Angmar's ressource buildings – less income to counterbalance tribute carts
  • Bilbo's masterthief – increase required Level from 7 to 10
  • Bofur – nerfed
  • Earthquake – no longer destroys the camp citadels of Dwarves, Rohan, Mordor and Isengard instantly
  • Unburned's onslaught – nerfed the damage; does not oneshot sword fighters anymore
  • Gamling's horn – increased required level from 4 to 5
  • Rohan's exiles – longer recruitement time
  • Exile camp's buff – now lasts for just 15 seconds after leaving the area
  • Rohan's vanguard – now slows a little bit while crushing
  • Rivendell's mystic fountains – more expensive and doesn't replenish fallen soldiers as quickly

Have fun playing Edain 4.5.2!
Your Edain Team


Just reminder buggy system of Galadriel:
(I dont want to create account on MU)

- either blessed galadriel or blessed spells does not spawn blessed light which adds bonuses
- blessed spell galadriel is not permanent, she has countdown like queen of twilight
- nenya does not heal at all (buildings, units, heroes)
- queen of twilight deals no damage (although description says heavy damage), she has only knockback effect
- white lady banishment deals minimum or zero damage (although description says heavy damage) and enemy heroes arent throw away from her
- her description for blessed version when she can chose between dark or blessed form is wrong (text about Frodo and Sam and leadership)

And btw consider hire more testers, especially from guys who play a lot or know the game well. After four years of testing the new version is pretty buggy. But good things are regular bug fix updates

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I think Carc's ravens aren't working as they should. They should reveal a larger area around a chosen building, right?

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For some reason, whenever I update edain, it always says that I'm missing certain files like "widecreen ini.big" or "english.ini", something along those lines. This means that some characters, particularly quite a few Gondor heroes, are voiced in German instead of English. Is there any way to fix this?

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