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I've fixed a lot of glitches and made a bunch of important improvements.

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Steam Winter Sale has brought in new players and new glitch reports, so I spent most of the week fixing those glitches.
I have made a major new game+ test run and managed to fix several new game+ problems.

Fixed: Using anode on part upgraded with diode used to allow to apply diode again.
Fixed: It was possible to use diodes on etalons.
Fixed: Minion long-lasting shield problem.
Fixed: Lodeon's Ultimatum set effect used to deal damage to your spaceship in secure regions.
Fixed: Obelisk used to block Swarm Control missiles.
Fixed: Map used to reset to Deep Path during the first play session.
Fixed: Alloy containers in inventory used to show wrong alloy percentage in secured regions.
Fixed: Leaking alloy container used to lose alloy after visiting secure regions.
Fixed: Minor modular difficulty system saving issue.
Fixed: Mission V on Niss glitch.
Fixed: Region level bonus was not displayed correctly.
Fixed: New game+ crash.
Fixed: Unit rewards in new game+ used to give the wrong amount of units.
Fixed: Small graphical Phase Recognition System description glitch.

I have also made a bunch of miscellaneous improvements, some of them are quite important:

Mythical parts no longer have can have wave chances.
Instead, they can increase certain ability levels.
I have decided that wave chances are too good to be on mythical parts, so now they can only be on etalons.

Compression grade and level limitations have been removed.
Now you can fuse [any part] with [any part]!

Part upgrade chance now can upgrade parts to mythical parts and etalons.

Parts dropped by modified enemies are upgraded once automatically.
The same part can be upgraded again by part upgrade chance!

Region level XP bonus is now applied even if you fail the mission.

Deep Path, Negati, and Labyrinth regions now have weaker minions.
New player experience!

Now it's possible to enter secure regions even if your inventory has more than 3 pages of items.
You will no longer have to dismantle parts in inventory page 4 just to enter the secure region and sell the rest of the parts.
Basic game functionality!

Trash stats.
Less useful stats will appear on part less often!

Before trash stats, all part properties were considered equally useful by the part generator.
That will end with the next update.

Trash stats:

Initial ether
Maximum ether
+% ether
Phase break damage
Phase break cooldown reduction
+% experience
+% part upgrade chance

After all that, the game will become more stable and pleasant when the new version will be uploaded.
And that should happen in a few days, so get ready =]

Until next time!

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