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36th ability, evolving minions, armour expansions and more!

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Last week I have implemented the last Apocalypse class ability, added new modifications and finally fixed enemy exploits.

Since the very beginning, Sector Six combat was riddled with exploits.

It was possible to regenerate armour outside combat, which encouraged idling.
I removed that.

It was possible to get in and out of the enemy range to avoid getting hit.
I have added missiles to prevent staying out of enemy range.

It was possible to damage enemies by standing at the edge of their range.
Few more adjustments and that became impossible.

It was possible to separate enemies from their groups and never fight more than one enemy at once.
Not anymore!
Enemies now warn each other and will attack you, even if they are outside the screen.
Enemy projectiles no longer disappear outside the screen, so there's no escape!

That should be the last of exploits!
One step closer to perfecting the combat.

Another step is the 36th ability - Cataclysm.
With Cataclysm added, all classes have 12 abilities now!
And that is all abilities I have planned for Early Access.

The ability itself is very basic: It increases damage minions take by 100% for 10 seconds.
Still, it's an effect that no other abilities have, so it will probably find its place.

Anyway, last week I have also implemented 3 new enemy modifications!

'Teleports' - Minions with this modification will teleport to a different place every second.
'Has an armour expansion' - This modification adds 1 extra armour bar!
'Mine launcher' - And this one turns enemies into demolishers!

I have also added evolving minions.
The system is still rough around the edges, needs few more hours to be finished.

So, that's all the news, the next update should be very soon.
Until then!

Apex 2017.09.18.png

Cataclysm 2017.09.18.png

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