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The new patch has been released! This fix most of the issues reported by the community.

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Hello comrades!

We release at last a patch to fix most of the issues detected with the previous patch. Thanks to tungpro9901 we realized an AI code was making Skirmishes more laggy than they should be. Now this line is disabled, you should be able to get more FPS when facing AI. For further information about what was changed, you can take a look at the changelog.

In other news, DMz fixed the ZiS-2 atg, so it now the model doesn't have issues and also he has finished to fix the ZiS-3 as well. We are going to show some pictures of the ZiS-3 later, so for now you have some pictures of the ZiS-2.

Reworked ZiS-2

Reworked ZiS-2

Reworked ZiS-2

It might look very similar to what we used to have, but at least it doesn't have that visible error.

Also, DMz has been including in the previous patches some new map objects, so every mapper can try to make cool maps for Eastern Front (or any other mod that supports them), at the moment we feature these two that were the last ones added in the previous patch:

Map objetcts

Map objetcts

In some bad news, the new SU-85(with the proper SU-100) we expected to get in this patch couldn't be finished. Unfortunately, DMz and Beefy^ had an accident with his PC, everything is fine so do not worry, so this has to be postponed for another date. But do not despair, the model will be eventually done, just like the rest of them ;).

You just need to update the mod using the launcher, but in case you are unable to do it you can download it from this site.

Thanks for downloading and continue to enjoy,

Eastern Front Development Team

blackbishop Author

If you need to download all the patches needed to update the last full version installer, you can get them here:

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Thank you so much for fixing the lag! The stuttering while fighting AI rendered the game nearly unplayable. But I loved the mod so much that I decided to give it one more try today, and after installing the patch, it runs seamlessly! Let me flatter you by saying I prefer your mod to COH 2, definitely!

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