Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Here is the changelog for the 2.210 patch for Eastern Front. Hope you enjoy the changes!

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Eastern Front Patch 2.21

'Break the Bad'

------ GAMEPLAY CHANGES ------
* Marksman now can uncloak after getting cover cloak with a new ability.
* Marksman can get cover cloak in 2 seconds instead of 10.
* Sniper Team now can uncloak after getting cover cloak with a new ability.
* Sniper Team can get cover cloak in 2 seconds instead of 10.
* Lowered spotter suppression resistance by 25%.
* Slightly increased PE Panzergrenadier Kar98 accuracy against Conscripts and Strelky.
* Increased PE Infantry HT suppression against Conscripts slightly.
* Fixed wrong requirement description for NKVD upgrade on Conscripts.
* Increased tracking from 5 to 12 in Katyusha.
* Added support for SU-85 with Mechanics supervision ability.
* Fixed marker issues on obr.1927 that caused it to be invisible.
* Fixed Red Tide ability once and for all.
* Added new ZiS-2 model.
* Fixed SVT-40 issue being invisible after reloading a saved game.
* Disabled AI debugging because of lag it was causing.
* Changed brightness on normal map rgb & alpha channels, also removed artifacts on the black channel for Jagdtiger.
* Fixed Cromwell odd tint.
* Added correct sound for Ford GPA DP28 and Maxim variants.
* Fixed wrecked beutepanzer Cromwell.
* Fixed pink portrait for lefh18 when decrewed.
* Added suppression ability for Ford GPA.
* Lowered t70/t90 vet requirements slightly.
* Removed Molotov buggy fire.
* Fixed description on MG34.
* Fixed rebuilt Kugelblitz.
* Redistributed the population for the Soviet Heavy Mortar team, Crew now cost 1 and Mortar 3.
* Redistributed the population for the Ostheer leIG18 team, Crew now cost 1 and leIG18 3.
* Lowered Jäger upkeep slightly
* Increased luchs accuracy, lowered cost to 290mp
* MP40/II now useable with t3 modernization
* Added portrait and fixed texts for Ostheer tank traps
* Fixed Sturmovie Ingenery armourtype (they didn't upgrade to Sturmovie armour with assault gear)
* Removed molotovs from strelky
* Added 20 ammo cost to "Stand your Ground" and lowered suppression by 10%
* Panzer III now comes from Support Pool on T3
* Panzerwerfer now comes on Support Pool on T4.
* StuG III now comes in Assault Pool.
* Fixed wrong UCS references for Elefant ability.
* Fixed turret breaker ability from Elefant disappearing when getting ace vet.
* Fixed bug with OH tank traps only being allowed to be built in allied territory.
* Updated icon for Elefant lockdown.
* Fixed requirement description in the KV-1 call-in ability


'Break the Bad'
I get it.

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thought it was "break the bread"

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blackbishop Author

I guess that could be for the next patch lol.

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finally a new patch to fix bugs!!!

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blackbishop Author

It needed more time than we expected but it is released now :).

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Breaking Bad

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how do you download this patch anyone? thanks

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What a great patch; the Soviet AI is immense. They now use artillery intelligently and when those JS2, KV2 and ISU152 come, watch out they attack hard.
And those snipers......!!! Bye bye to another 88 crew! Thanks guys the Russians have really come into their own.

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how can i download this patch?pls help

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