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Overhaul and complete mod, for STALKER SOC (wwv) 1.0006 - Multilanguage: Cze Eng Esp Fra Ger Ita Pol - Compatible with Steam/Gog too - 714.3 mb

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Overhaul and complete mod (final edition) in about 714 mb, based on "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SOC" w.w.v. 1.0006, to fully enjoy the game in your native language also. And including many unique features(*)

  • Multilanguage: Cze Eng Esp Fra Ger Ita Pol
  • Compatible with STEAM and GOG releases
  • Easy/Fast installation. Hundreds of changes. Thousands of tweaked values.

  • Elite sidor
  • Added many new events, multilingual vocal messages, dialogues
  • No super suits, super weapons, useless/ridicule addons
  • Fast saving/loading times, bug fixes, high (~perfect) stability
  • Best AI*. And SMART, FAST, HARD enemies, with better actions/reactions too
  • Best UI*. With minimalist complete HUD, new detector, better icons / inventory / player's figures
  • Elite inventory
  • Dynamic weather, Sun and Moon, higher lightness for better visibility and slow rotating sky*
  • Added NPCs. And female NPCs, with icons, names, voice
  • Added objects, mutants, vehicles, items, weapons, ...
  • Elite women
  • Anticheat combat view*. Also with more combat dynamic
  • New small parallel Monolith history*
  • 10 classes suits. And accurate weapons infos (damage, accuracy, rpm)*
  • Full body damage*
  • 5 player ranks*
  • Changed/improved many textures (objects, skins, weapons, items, ...) with high details and quality
  • Sleep and Dream mode on
  • Elite npp2
  • New Compass, No Dvd for game start, UI ammos, Stalker FOV changer, No women presence (by the Optional packages in)
  • Suits/Weapons Repair (by the Necessary package in)
    Pdf manual and readme(s)
  • More ...

Check the manual for further informations, tips, features, images and more

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