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Mid July 2018 update about the progress of Project Invaders. New wave mechanics and a new control scheme for mobile has been added.

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New enemy wave type added: Vultures. They come between the army waves just to give the player a bit more to fight that isn't much of the same. Also a new explosion effect is added similar to the explosion effects in most shoot em up games when big enemies explode. I plan to make more enemies of this type in the future.


New enemy wave type: Bomb rushers. There's currently a bombing run wave that I decided to replace since it was too slow and doesn't require a lot of skill to beat.


New wave mechanic: Path following. Custom path waves will be added more soon.



A new control scheme type has been created for more control options. I have devised a dynamic move pad that mimics an analog stick from video game controllers. It also outputs analog values so you accurately move your character (for Mobile).

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