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'DYNABOT is an endless platformer designed to make you jump, run, dash, swing, skate, surf, switch, hover, shoot and even more!'

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The fusion of console platformer and endless running game!”


DYNABOT - The Robo Marble

DYNABOT - The Robo Marble

DYNABOT - The Robo Marble

DYNABOT - The Robo Marble

Endless running games always lay the focus on beating your own or your friends score. To enhance this simple concept with more excitement, fun and variety, we created a mix of real platform game behaviors combined with different gameplay elements? and an ongoing endless system.


The goal is to free the earth from an invasion of weird aliens! Liberate the seven continents. Encounter abandoned places, in which the alien bosses have been hiding. Use portals to clean up all the places from the invasion of the aliens and go for an endless run to beat your own or your friends´ score!

Find energy cells to activate portals on the go and throw DYNABOT into different worlds with different gameplay styles. For example, fly in low gravity over the atmosphere or surf your way through an abandoned city across the ocean.

Play mini-games on the go! Run into different rooms and play various Mini-Games. Receive bonus points to increase the chance of liberation.

Let DYNABOT use his dash-combos and bounce off of stronger enemies and obstacles. Strike back again and repeat your dash on the ground, as well as in the air, until you finally break through their defenses. Also use dash-combos to save DYNABOT from falling into the abyss.

Keep DYNABOT in shape by doing air tricks with his surf- or skateboard, to achieve special air-trick bonuses.

Play the entire game along with its mini-games with only two buttons!

.... and even more

DYNABOT - The Robo Marble


  • fluid gameplay with full 60fps
  • no loading times after the game has been initialised
  • start the game within 2-3 seconds
  • in-game shop to unlock different characters, worlds and mini-games
  • comprehensive achievement system
  • universal app
  • social networking: twitter & facebook
SPY-maps - - 2,902 comments

wow, this looks great fun!
most of these indie phone games are no fun at all, or even badly made. but this one clearly is much better!!


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DYNABOT - - 2 comments

This is truly great honor for us! Thnx alot! :)

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