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Video of me talking about dialogue and model tweaks. Slight Discussion on next features.

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First off we have a short video about dialogue and model tweaks!

Pretty self explanatory. The short of it is I now have text dialogue I can implement easily, which is pretty big for making story and giving it that old school RPG feel. Plus, I can get rid of some frankly terrible placeholder audio lol. Will audio disappear entirely? Nah, just some of it, hopefully if I get things rolling okay I can get some people to help out with that.

next up are some model tweaks... really slight adjustments but I noticed a pretty good difference!

first we have the main character:

I still am not completely happy with the look... which is why I am going to study character creation a bit this week and see if I can make a truly polished version of her sometime in the future. Still, this is enough to settle some of the nagging she looks terrible thoughts I had. A small step in the right direction, but may need a more drastic remodel after I study some things.

the next model I tweaked slightly is the vampire knight:

This one has even bigger issues than Mira, but again the slight touch up is enough to satisfy me for now. The armor needs to be more defined and have actual edges and the face is still kind of meh even though I really do love the mouth. Too much deer in the headlights look though instead of menacing vampire.

At any rate that is all for this weeks update! I may provide updates of my character studies next week or might just delay it until I have something good to show/talk about. It all depends on how everything works out.

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