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Learn about the five dragon breath weapon types in Pirate Dragons!

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There are five breath weapons available to your dragon. Fire, Acid, Ice, Water, and Nature. Each breath weapon has its unique use in a battle. As you adventure, you'll be able to learn and improve breath weapons, making them even more effective.


FireBreath Opt364

The fire breath weapon is the primary way you inflict damage on ships, wyverns, dragons, and other enemies. Setting fires on a ship's hull is the best way do damage to it while setting a ship's sails ablaze reduces its maneuverability and distracts the crew from reloading and shooting their cannons. The more powerful your fire breath the more fires you can set.


AcidBreathOpt 364

The acid breath weapon is a great way to "debuff" a ship. The acid damages the ship's cannons and creates a green mist that slows down the ship's crew. This is particularly useful when fighting a large ship with many upgraded cannons and a well trained crew. The more powerful your acid breath the longer it lasts.


IceBreath Opt 364

Breathing the ice breath weapon into the ocean will create columns of ice that can block a ship's progress and block their cannon balls. A very useful attack if you want to steer an enemy ship in a certain direction or keep it from attacking and damaging one of your ships. Increasing the power of your ice breath allows you to create more ice columns and makes them to last longer.


WaterBreath opt 364

The water breath weapon is primary used to put out fires on a ship. The water breath also soaks the ship, making it immune to fires for a short period of time. The more powerful your water breath, the longer the soaking lasts.


NatureBreath Opt364

Breathing your nature breath on a ship will create vines and leaves that reinforce and patch up a damaged ship. Essentially this allows you to heal your ships. Having a more powerful nature breath means healing more damage.

It is possible for a dragon to learn all five breath weapons, although only the most powerful are able to master all five. Most only learn 2 or 3. Wyverns are only capable of using one - usually fire.

Stay tuned for more updates, including how ship upgrades work, the overland map, leveling up, the economy, and more!

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