Pirate Dragons is a third-person, action RPG where you play a dragon in a world filled with sailing ships, islands, trade routes, pirates, and much more.


Battle against other dragons, wyverns, and sailing ships, grow your dragon's power, learn new breath weapons, build your own sailing fleet, and make your mark!


  • Play a dragon!
  • Third-person, high flying, action combat.
  • Explore an open world of islands, sailing ships, and piracy.
  • Level up to learn new breath weapons and other skills.
  • Build a fleet of ships to help you trade goods and battle against other factions.
  • Upgrade your ships with better crews, sails, cannons, and hulls.
  • Become a merchant or engage in piracy!
  • An economy that changes based on your actions.
  • Quests and missions.
  • Grow your hoard to become the richest and most powerful dragon ever!





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Pirate Dragons is now officially in Early Access and on sale on Steam!


Check out the updated Pirate Dragons Trailer!

And some new screenshots!



Release Date and Game Updates

Release Date and Game Updates


Lots of new stuff to talk about in Pirate Dragons, including the Steam Early Access on August 5th release date, power-ups, and more!

Playtest Signups and Features Update

Playtest Signups and Features Update


Updates to the world and events in Pirate Dragons. And signups for the playtest on Steam!




Learn about how factions work in Pirate Dragons including creating your own!

New Dragon and New Graphics!

New Dragon and New Graphics!


Pirate Dragons has a new dragon! Updated trailer and screenshots too!

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