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Exhorting the purpose of ".qc" - the quake c conclave.

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Welcome to "dot qc" - the dapper conclave for quake c coders.

".qc" is intended to function as:

1. conclave (gathering) for quake c coders.
2. aggregate quake c knowledge base for reference.
3. ask and (hopefully) answer questions about coding and development.
4. dossier of quake c driven quake one mods.
5. provide example code sets for neophyte coders.
6. extend support for quake c as a programming language.

If you code quake c for any quake one mod or project, join ".qc"

As the founder of ".qc" I will attempt to provide an answer for any serious code related question, or provide a reference that can solve the problem. With 15 years experience in quake c, I have overcome all stumbling blocks and created some impressive code sets. This includes the ability to pick up and carry items, advanced monster morphs, live volcanoes, extended weapon sets, and many other features.

Periodically I will add articles to guide new coders through many of quake c's pitfalls.

Thank you for visiting ".qc" and please enjoy your quake one experience.

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