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Grimm is certainly still in development, news about the map builder and... Doom3World seems to be gone, but a new place has come in it's place. This is to let everyone know that the community is banding together again!

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So you've most likely noticed that Doom3World went down, never to go back up again. If you have missed this community as much as I have than you'll be happy with this newsitem. The Happy Friar has worked to put together the Id Tech Forums, a replacement for Doom3World.

We have not heard much from BNA! Other than that eventually a DDOS attack took down the forums and filled the database with spam. In the end it seemed it couldn't be cleaned out or saved as this is now almost a year ago already. So without further ado, get the hell over to Id Tech Forum and create your account, we're still missing a lot of Doom3 modders!


I've gotten many questions about the Automatic Map Builder for Doom3. This is also still in development and will be released within the next month, here. So many of you have PM'ed, mailed and asked me for a release so I'm very happy that this is finally ready for release.

As for Grimm, last but not least. You haven't heard a while from me, for good reason. I have been working in the background on the tools to automatically generate more content for Grimm. Creating a full game with as much content as a triple A title is impossible for one man alone, so I'm automating many processes help me to streamline the development process. The automatic map builder is one of them. This doesn't mean that the creative process will be handed to a software routine. I still sketch and design all the maps, I just let the computer do all the tedious hard work, like placing brushes, lights and other repetitive tasks.

Check out the map builder in action here:

So that's it. A small update from my end!
Grimm is not dead! In fact.. the last version is ready for you to download and play!

What are you doing? Go play!


Oh yeah, at the same time. Please make your project become Standalone. It is a must ever since last year until now. Not a single announcement of yours being heard of download and direct play without requirement of Doom 3. I hope, you can make that possible. We're all waiting.

Good Luck!


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grimmquest Author

I have not been able to implement this into a standalone game without a significant drop in FPS due to Carmack's reverse missing from the engine. It runs, no problem, but it crawls slowly forward in comparison to the speed I get with the commercial build. All due to Creative's insane policies regarding copyright.

If you can find me a programmer that manages to make it run normally then let me know!

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Theres alot of doom modders here on moddb and players, seems hard work to have to remake a community on a separate site All of tools and hosting thehappyfiar needs are supplied here @ moddb.

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Nice to hear good news.
Keep on.

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Hoo-*******-ray! I though Grimm was all done and forgotten. No offence ofc.

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