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Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.61 Standalone Version

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Updated: 13/10/2019

Doom Reborn Goes Standalone

I've released Doom Reborn now as a standalone version,

with this release this allows a wider range of players to get involved with the project.

I hope this release encourages a lot of other modders, level designers etc to get involved by

making custom levels, if you do, feel free to submit your levels at and in the

mods section on the new Doom Reborn Game page here on ModDB

In this release i've also included my unfinished version of Map10 of Doom 2 so if you're new to level design

in the idTech4 engine i'd suggest opening other levels from Doom Reborn to see how things are done

and try to finish off Map10 to get a feel for it.

I've included Dafama2k7's Pre-Beta Version 1.6 mod in this release and

I've made various tweaks and changes myself to improve lighting in areas where I wasn't happy.

If you're a coder and want to dabble with the source code you can download it here from github

The quick saves patch included is the latest version of the compiled code,

But Brent's old .exe and gamex86.dll have been included by default because weapons carry over

between levels which I felt would be more important for new players, although healthvials don't

work above 100 with Brent's old .exe and gamex86.dll.

If you're a level designer and want to make a mod, something i'd like to see is

a remake of John Romero's new fan made project for Doom called Sigil

or remakes of fan levels over the years for the original Doom

You can find loads from DoomWadStation

I hope everyone enjoys the project,

If you've found a bug that isn't listed in the known issues

listed below using the quick saves patch, report them here.

Thanks for your interest.

God bless :)

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.61

Doom Reborn Pre Beta 1 61 Standalone

Doom Reborn Pre Beta Version 1.61 Comparison Images


e1m6 2

e1m6 3

e2m5 2



e1m7 2



Doom Reborn Mod

Pre-Beta Version 1.61


- Setup

Using the installer simply just select drive location you want to install too

Example "C:\Program files\Doom Reborn"

- Saves:

To use saves you will need to use the provided patch, It will replace Brent's DoomReborn.exe & Gamex86.dll
With Jonny's.

Known Issues:

Weapons don't carry over after completeing a level

Stat screen music doesn't play

Music slider doesn't exist

Stat screen counters don't calculate correctly

(If you find other issues please report them)

- What's New:

The project is now standalone
i've (Michael Hanlon) adjusted some settings and added Dafama's 1.6 mod into the project
I've adjusted some lights in various levels

I've included my incomplete version of Map10 of Doom 2, Now that the project is standalone and open to everyone (Source Code included at github)
I really want to see the community get involved in someway like dafama2k7 did with his mod for the mod,
If you want to make levels for the project I'd suggest finishing off map10 to get a feel for the idtech4 editor and the doom reborn assets
if you are formiliar with the editor i'd love to see a remake of Romero games "Sigil" Doom 1 Episode 5 fan project by John Romero or other fan levels
over the years that you can find at

Once you have made a mod you can submit it at as well.

- Enabling Parallax Occlusion Mapping

I've enabled Parallax Occlusion Mapping by default
To disable it, open the command console by pressing left "ctrl" left "alt" and "`" at the same time and type
"image_usecompression 1" and then press enter.
Then type "vid_restart" and then press enter.
The screen will go black then come back grey for a few seconds while it reloads, don't worry that's normal.

After the screen reloads (takes longer if you make the change mid level) that's you all done, press escape or "`"
to close the command line console.

To enable Parallax Occlusion Mapping again follow this same process except use this command instead "image_usecompression 0"

- Found a bug:

If you have found a bug in the mod please report it at:

- Credits:

Michael Hanlon (>>GameHacKeR<<) - (Current Leader, Mapper,Texture Artist, Coder, Other Odd Jobs)

- Past Contributors:
Brent de Carteret - (Project Founder, Coder, Web design, Object modeler, Mapper)

Reinchard - (Creator of remade Doom Guy face in the hud and some of his remade textures and new menu buttons and skull face)

Jonny - (New coder has redone some of Brents older code and added alot of cool things, I can't thank him enough for his help)

Dafama2k7 - (Creator of the Doom Reborn Pre-beta Version 1.5&1.6 mod which some of the changes have made it into the project)

Apz Feak - ( Texture Artest, Map Object Modeler, Item modeler, Monster/weapon Skiner)

Pablo_messier - (Mapper)

Neurological_1 - (Music)

Lab_Rat - (Mapper)

Stine - (GFX Artest)

Gazz - (Managing Support)

Striderdm1 - (Tester) Old Member

Cristiano Salvati - (Music) E1M5 Sample

Status of Update Pre-Beta Version 1.65

Update Pre-Beta Version 1.65 will be a full lighting overhal to every level I'm hoping to find a way to put this out as a patch too Pre-Beta Version 1.61 so it's small in file size and only updates the .pk4's with the new changes I'll be updating this list as the changes come.

Doom 1

E1M1= Completed

E1M2= Completed

E1M3= Completed

E1M4= Completed

E1M4b= Not Started

E1M5= Completed

E1M6= Completed

E1M7= Completed

E1M8= 5% Complete

E1M8b= 5% Complete

E1M9= Not Started

E2M1= Completed

E2M2= Completed

E2M3= Completed

E2M4= 35% Complete

E2M5= Not Started

Doom 2

Map01= Not Started

Map02= Not Started

Map03= Not Started

Map04= Not Started

Map05= Not Started

Map06= Not Started

Map07= Not Started

Map08= Not Started

Map09= Not Started

Map31= Not Started


Mod looks very nice and playable!

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Yeah about to check it out, interesting concept.

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