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Information regarding the supporting roles of the scenario.

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Development Blog 4

Hello again and welcome to the fourth development blog. There has been a delay between this one and the last, which was caused by my absence for family problems (which have mostly been resolved now) and because development blogs are written by yours truly, we haven't been able to get this one out. To ensure a smoother transition to launch, I have decided to appoint Jones as Community Manager; the role is similar to that of the Head Admin but take a more front face position in the community, so you can expect to see more of him in the future! With this appointment, alexandru will remain in the team but fall back to Senior Admin. Onto the blog, as we draw nearer to launch, I wanted to follow up from our last blog and discuss supporting roles which aren't necessary in a faction or are noble but are just as important to the health of the server.

You can access the full development blog here on our forums and provide feedback and keep updated with development there. And as always, you can join our discord to keep updating with smaller developments and join conversation with the server here.

Supporting Roles

The Marketplace

The Inn

The Inn will be one of the central areas of the city beside the three factions. It is one of the historic points of the city, withstanding against past invasions and disasters which have inflicted Dhirim. Having been in the same family's generation for the past four generations, the household who run the Inn have a renown reputation in the local area. The Inn control a fair amount of land within the city's walls, hosting both several floors of entertaining space and a courtyard with exterior seating. The complex will host six rooms available to rent out to the public and the ability to produce local beer to supply the Inn itself.

What we are looking for those interested in applying for the Inn are individuals who are first and foremost active. Without activity, the Inn will fall apart relatively quickly - we won't hesitate to replace people who aren't willing to do this or communicate with us relating to the matter. Although not required, we'd like to see a small and diverse family running the Inn, each with their own role to play who can not only keep the Inn functioning but also contribute and develop their own character stories. What we don't want is a family of three brothers or cousins just there to hog a notable name tag. And lastly, almost as important as activity is that we're looking for people who will give people reasons to go to the Inn. What do I mean by this? Events. Small and fun ones like a darts tournament or drinking competitions! Or bigger, more general ones like feasts! When you apply we want to see ideas from what you intend to do, alongside a basic form of menu and anything else which will support your application - so best you start thinking now!

The Bank

Many artisans and general members of the bourgeoisie would argue the bank is the most value enterprise within Dhirim. Without it, the wealth of the population would be at risk to thieves and vermin looking to take advantage of other's hard-earned coin. The banker has the ability to store money in their vaults, store items in deposit boxes and offer insurance for buildings in case of damage - other features are open to ideas from applicants. They have a vault where all the valuables are stored, including gold & silver bars which players can invest in as a secondary form of currency.

If it wasn't obvious already, the first and most significant thing is activity. We aren't necessary looking for a large family to run the bank, but whoever applies must ensure they can maintain a level of activity or possess a fallback to enable the business of the bank can continue smoothly. Working alongside the staff team with the export system, we need to ensure delays do not occur which could have a domino effect on other business. Another thing applicants need to keep in mind is the money which is provided by the staff team to assist the use of loans must not be used for personal preferences and recorded in a basic spreadsheet - those who fail to record loans or misuse the money should be aware they are at risk of being banned.

The Arena

One of the more exciting aspects within the scenario is the arena. Other than arguably the manors and city hall, many residences of Dhirim would happily argue the Arena is one of the most grand and elaborate structures in the city. It boasts not only a main circular arena for general combat, but secondary sectors such as a jousting area and archery area. The Arena Master is an independent role to both the noble houses and the city government (however still under the laws of the city).

Apart from being active, we are looking for applicants to provide regular fighting events. This isn't even necessarily tournaments - see Bannerlord for example, when you have regular casual fights between people. The Arena Master will be provided with equipment to allow fair fights, however this equipment should not be used as personal gear nor sold off, or risk being banned. When applying, we want to see in your application the sort of events you will put on in the arena and why we should pick you over others - after all the arena is an important place for many and if run well.... an easy moneymaker.

The Surgery
A facility which is usually forgotten in many scenarios, the surgery will be the home of the Physicians and Herbalists of the city. The surgeons will have a building near the central marketplace to conduct their duties, with both a ground floor for wider admissions and an upper floor for more private quarters for patients. The head surgeon, who controls the building, will also have their own private chambers to where they will live.

Besides from activity, what we want to see from those applying to be the head surgeon is ways to actively provide day-to-day roleplay with medicine. The event managers are more than happy to work with whoever is accepted to even create events to which require the assistance of the surgeons. They should theoretically look to active recruit physicians and herbalists into a guild - which we will be open (and actively looking for!) to those applying for a guild alongside the special application. We have plenty of material on the forums to help aid those in said position, be it from the Physician Guide written by Nitedarer (more for the surgeons/physicians) and a Herb Guide, best for those interested in Herbalism and what they can use to support their work.

The Church

Lastly one of the often overlooked places on a scenario is the church. Located beside the river flowing through the city, the church of Dhirim provides a spiritual place for its citizens to reflect, pay penance and worship. It is managed by the local Priest, who has the important duty to uphold the faith of the land and ensure ecclesiastical law is upheld. The Priest will host sermons within the church, have his own home besides the Church and have rooms to let out to the populace.

Besides from the activity, applicants who apply for the role of priest will be expected to try to make religious roleplay more enticing to the playerbase. We aren't expecting some elaborate character to come along and suddenly everyone will want to perform religious roleplay, but there will be tools in place to allow the seriousness of the position to be respected. We have material on Makerism which players can choose to fall back on where required or simply create new material to make it more enjoyable and unique. Furthermore, we will also provide equipment to the priest to allow him to look at recruiting characters into the church - not necessarily solely religious ones - but ones who can help positively support the church in its functions.

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