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Preview of the upcoming patch for the Divergences of Darkness Victoria II mod, focusing on the efforts of the Timurtash Dynasty to recover from their nadir and reconquer the Empire that was once theirs.

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In the last update we dealt with the gameplay mechanics for the Timurtash Empire - legitimacy and the struggle for centralisation against the independent-minded Dehqans, the landed magnates that de-facto rule Khorasan.

Today we're going to focus on the expansion paths available to the Timurtash Empire once they manage to improve their legitimacy by re-taking the key cities of Western Iran. The Timurtash, being a dynasy originating in and having their powerbase in Khorasan, will be able to set their eyes largely east, to the former border with the Sultante of Dehli along the Hindu Kush, and northward, where large amount of Persians live beyond the Amu Darya.

Reset the border along the Hindu Kush

Pushing North of the Oxus

Unlike the other pretenders to the Iranian throne, the Timurtash do not change tag to form Iran - they are the remnants of the last dynasty to govern over all of the Iranian Plateau and beyond, after all. Instead, once the Kar-Kiya and Shekhbizin have been dealt with, an event will fire giving you cores on Western Iran, as well as Caspian as an accepted culture.

The Timurtash Reassert themselves in Western Iran

This event also unlocks a decision to recover the Caucasus, lost at the turn of the century in a humiliating peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire.

The Reconquest of the Caucasus

After the borders in the East are settled and Timurtash administration is brought back to the Ferghana valley, concerns will rise about the security of the border with the Uyghurs in the Tarim Basin. You can opt to press for a forced cession of Kashgar and Tashkurgan, which will result in conflict with Moghulistan.

Settling the Border Dispute with Moghulistan

To govern all of these vast swathes of land, the Timurtash Empire will need to re-incorporate non-Iranians into the administration. This is reflected by decisions to accept Uzbek, once Transoxiana is re-conquered, and Armenians, once the Caucasus is under Iranian rule once more.

Integrate the Uzbeks

Integrate the Armenians

This will be the maximal extent of yoru cored territory before you go on to form Iranshahr, if you chose to do so:

Maximal cores before forming Iranshahr

Stay tuned for the release of this patch very soon! Find the mod here:

Divergences of Darkness

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