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Preview of one of the nations on which the upcoming DoD patch will be centered - the venerable Kar-Kiya dynasty of Gilan.

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The main focus of the upcoming Divergences update will be content for the Kar-Kiya dynasty.

The Kar Kiya are a Zaydi dynasty originating from Gilan. Although in our timeline they were eventually crushed by the Safavids, in the Divergences universe the Timurtash Empire, centered on far-away Khorasan, were content to leave this remote region of Iran to be ruled by the Kiyaid vassals.

By 1836, the Kiya monarchy is in deep trouble. The Janissary Revolt in the Ottoman Empire has severed the trade routes with the west that were crucial for its economy, and the lack of hard currency is plunging the Kar-Kiya realm into an inflatory spiral. Additionally, in the aftermath of the collapse of the Timurtash Empire, the chaos and devastation that followed have given rise to millennarian religious movements that seek to topple the status quo.

Kar Kiya setup events

Many within the Kar-Kiya realm now see that the only way out is for Amir Rostam Kiya to step down and share power with his subjects, giving birth to the Constitutionalist movement.

Olama and merchant opposition to absolutism

Tensions will eventually erupt as the merchants entrench themselves in one of the holy shrines of Lahijan, demanding the creation of a parliament (the Majles). At this point you can choose two of the possible three paths your nation cantake: Constitutionalist or Royalist, both of which have a different set of decisions and events available.

The Constitutional Revolution

Regardless of which option you chose, the Constitutional Revolution will be seen by the Shayk of the Kalwatiya Order as an opportunity to take over the government himself. It's up to you to choose if he succeeds, therefore opening up the theocratic path for the Kar-Kiya (or rather, the Zaydi Imamate) or if you want to keep your previous government choice.

The Kalwatiya Order stages an uprising

There are flavour events for all the possible outcomes.

The possible outcomes of the Revolution

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Question: In which folder can I view the events for Kar-Kiya? Because I don't have an event for Constitutional Revolution in the game, and I would like to see in which case this event comes out.

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