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Let's have a look at the complexity of the mechanisms that shape the game.

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To start producing alcohol in the game you first have to open the production window. There you’ll be able to choose ingredients that will later become alcohol. Those include many types of fruits and grains, depending on what you’re after.

If it’s whiskey, go with grains; if it’s brandy, choose some sweet and ripe cherries or grapes, and so on. And if it’s moonshine… well, go with whatever. Moonshine forgives more than other alcohols. But there are many recipes to discover and you can experiment!

And if you’re not sure what to do, you can follow recipes that you’ll learn during the game.


Process of fermentation

When the ingredients are chosen (you can mix a few different ingredients together!), you’ll have to then select the right and preferable type of yeast and apparatuses, such as fermentation tanks and pot stills. You’ll also have to set the temperature of the fermentation which might affect, for example, the amount of mash produced.


Process of distillation

Once some time has passed and the fermentation is done, we can move on to distillation. There too we can adjust a few things. Those include the flow of the distillation as well as which parts will be foreshots, heads, hearts, tails, and general waste. While hearts are where quality and taste lie, adjusting other sliders can increase the ethanol level, producing a stronger brew. And for some people, the strength of the drink is much more important than the quality. Remember that the client is always right!


Process of bottling

The last process is bottling. This is the final moment when you can affect the quality, strength (you can fortify or dilute it), and quantity of your alcohol. You can also set the price… and give your brew a fancy name.

Now that you know more or less it is time to experiment a bit on your own. You can do that playing our currently available DEMO!

Stay with us for the next riveting #MoonshineMemoires entry and other news.

Maybe you have some sterling moonshine recipes you want to talk about? Or an idea on how to make your dew clear? Either way, join our DISCORD, leave your feedback... and remember to wishlist the game!


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