We love moonshin’. There ain’t nothin’ better than good booze. In Appalachia, we know it well. We’ve got moonshine in our blood - in the case of some old-timers, maybe even literally. We love to talk about likker, make it, drink it all day long - and we love to share it too! How 'bout that, my gaming friend?

What’s your alcohol of choice? Do you maybe know how to make it? The process is a complex one, but with our know-how, we can shed some light on it, if you’d like; a little bit of moonlight - moonshine! - to guide you through the processes of fermentation, distillation, and bottling. But that’s too much to write about here - just check out the .gif below to see how we went about it.

Moonshine Inc screen4

Makin’ booze is pure fun, but if you’re makin’ money too - now that’s the way to live. However, for that, you need to be smart, manage your base right, and not piss off the boys in blue...

We tried to capture the life of a moonshiner as realistically as possible. You’ll be managing workers who’ll be crafting and maintaining your equipment, you’ll be buying ingredients, unlocking technologies, planning deliveries and finances, making sure you remain as discreet as possible - and deciding whom to trust and with whom to work.

recipe map

In our game, you take on the role of a young moonshiner. You will progress through main missions, you’ll be performing side quests, and running into road events during deliveries - the life of a moonshiner is ever-exciting and full of surprises...

If you’ll be prospering, you’ll get the chance to create and manage bases in five different regions, each with its own, more and more challenging missions. From your hometown mountains, through the thicket of a forest and mud of a swamp, all the way to civilization to conquer the big city.

How the story will end depends purely on you - there’ll be a pesky agent who’ll want to work with you, and there’ll be a corrupt governor that you can join. But you can also ignore them. You’re a free man, after all.

chapter 3

That’s how Moonshine Inc. came to be. Made for moonshiners, amateurs, dreamers, and newbies. Sit down, launch the game, enjoy crafting and running your business, and relax… after all, ain't nothin’ illegal ‘til you get caught!


  • a faithful reflection of the moonshine craft - fermentation and distillation based on chemical formulas behaving as natural processes
  • a realistic recreation of an American moonshiner’s business, with all its challenges
  • a rich story - 3 possible successful endings or a “Game Over” if caught by the authorities
  • 5 regions - running the base in the mountains, forest, swamps, town, and city, with linear progression
  • 70+ recipes - 15+ moonshines, 15+ whiskies, 20 brandies, 20+ vodkas
  • 50+ ingredients - sugars, fruits, vegetables, and grains
  • 35+ apparatuses - 17 distillation stills, 8 fermentation tanks, 5 post-distillation tanks, 7 pre-fermentation apparatuses, and more
  • 26 fermentation and distillation technologies
  • 37 main quests + side quests and road events
  • Original Soundtrack - get a Supporter Pack to download 19 tracks from the game’s OST

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Moonshine Inc. is getting plenty of new features

We're thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Patch 1.1 for Moonshine Inc.! This update is all about fine-tuning your clandestine operations and taking your moonshining mastery to new heights. Prepare yourselves for a wave of improvements transforming your moonshining empire.

Visit Moonshine Inc Steam Page on Steam

What's in for Patch 1.1

We've squashed many pesky bugs and want to make sure every step of your moonshining journey is as smooth as that delicious aged bourbon.

The most important update is here, my friends! Brace yourselves for an array of thrilling new features and rebalancing tweaks that will elevate your gameplay experience to extraordinary heights. Our team has been hard at work, pouring their heart and soul into this update, and the results are simply intoxicating - we’ve managed to secure a lot of desired rebalancing in each step of creating the moonshine - starting from general updates to fermentation, distillation, and bottling.

Get ready to witness intensively recalculated improvements that will enhance the efficiency and profitability of your empire. Every choice you make will carry more weight, ensuring a more engaging and rewarding experience.

Check out the patch notes and details in the update on Moonshine Inc. Steam page

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Moonshine Inc. is COMING SOON on Xbox and PlayStation!

Moonshine Inc. is COMING SOON on Xbox and PlayStation!


We're so over the moon to inform that Moonshine Inc. is coming soon on Xbox and PlayStation. The work on porting the game to consoles has gained notable...

Police Quests and Sanbox Mode coming in February!

Police Quests and Sanbox Mode coming in February!


We are over the moon to disclose that we're intensively working on delivering two major updates you anticipated and communicated via Discord and Steam...

Distillation Mechanics Overview

Distillation Mechanics Overview


Let's have a look at the complexity of the mechanisms that shape the game.

How the Magic Happens

How the Magic Happens


The art of making moonshine is an intricate one - learn more with our newest dev blog!

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