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The clusterfunk that is the Star Wars Timeline is going to be cleaned up a bit and YOUR favorite EU stories may be thrown in the proverbial trash.

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Like the giant flaming eye of Sauron, Disney has now focused it's gaze on the Star Wars Expanded Universe. For over 30 years now the Star Wars expanded universe has been organized into a hierarchy of different sources, some sources were more cannon than others, some sources were non cannon altogether. The hierarchy was organized like this:

G Canon: The highest form of cannon. This area of cannon is made souly up of the 6 Films in the Star Wars Saga.

T Cannon: Television Canon: all of the TV shows that bear the Star Wars name. Including Star Wars: Droids, Star Wars: E-woks, Star Wars: Clone Wars (Original Animated Series), Star Wars: THE Clone Wars (2008 CGI Series) and the Star Wars Holiday Special

C Canon: Continuity Canon or Common Canon, C Canon consists of the Star Wars Novels, Comic Books, Video-Games, and the contents of the now decommissioned Holocron. Sub-categories of this category include Ambiguously Canon and Secondary Canon.

Non Canon: There are 2 kinds of sources that inhabit this category, works that were published meaning to be Non-Canon and sources that were put in this category by force. Now this doesn't mean that the stories these sources told was any less entertaining than the canon material but it just doesn't fit with the greater story, or used to fit with the greater story and then later contradicted by a source in a category of higher canon long after said source was published and established as canon (as is the fate of many sources that inhabit this realm).

Now this hierarchy wasn't the most efficient thing, there was problems with it. For example if 2 sources of the same cannon level contradict each other, there is little to no guidelines regarding as to determine which source is "more canon". Despite some of the problems with this system, it worked. That is all going to change now with Disney holding the reigns of the Star Wars franchise.

Basically what Disney has done is given complete control of all EU matters to Leeland Chee.

"'Star Wars' Canon is now determined by the Lucasfilm Story Group which [Pablo Hidalgo] and I are both a part of."- one of Leeland Chee's tweets

So, Mr. Chee and his buddies basically get to pick and choose what is to be canon and what is not to be canon. This is bad news for any of us fans of older EU material as he has showed time and again that he is a fan of newer EU material. Any one who has been watching this franchise's downward spiral know that, since 2008, the overall quality of things coming out of Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm Animation, and Lucasarts has been pure crap (with the exception of the first Force Unleashed of course). Stories filled with plot-holes, continuity errors and god awful dialogue is what the franchise has been pumping out for going on 6 years now.

I say, Let us, The fans decide what is canon and what isn't! It's not Leeland Chee's, Disney's or anyone's universe but ours! Its Ours and let us, The reader, The Player, The audience decide what we accept as canon! Do away with the hierarchy, do away with all structure in general! Let each individual's Head Canon be the true canon! Anarchy in the EU! Out of what seems to be chaos will come order, even the most unlearned individual's head cannon will prove more organized and cohesive than whatever Mr. Chee decides what is and isn't canon. however, this is just my 2 cents on the matter.

But I digress, If Mr. Chee truly knows whats best for this franchise and indeed wants a more cohesive story, It'd be wise for him to reticonn some of the newer material *cough cough* 2008 CGI clone wars series *cough cough* rather than just throw out the older material. It would however, be preferred if nothing was reticonned at all but you can't make everyone happy.

Your favorite EU stories are in terrible danger and there is nothing anyone can do to stop this madness. My suggestion to you is this; curl up, grab your favorite Star Wars videogame, comic book, novel, or TV show and enjoy that it is still canon in one form or another while it lasts.


Commissar_Delta Author
Commissar_Delta - - 5,828 comments

So basically, Disney is playing with forces that should not be played with. Leave things the way they were before is the main point of this article. just to clear up any misconceptions

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HOPE1134 - - 1,114 comments

Meh, the new canon is great!

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata - - 1,807 comments

I find this stupid. A single man decide what is canon or not ?
"Lucasfilm Story Group" seriously ? It's better to let the fan decide for themselves what is canon, they can have their own vision of some events.

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FISHMAN_PRIME - - 364 comments

Sadly, this article will most likely be unread and forgotten by the rest of the world. Why is it that stupid people get to choose how things are?

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HOPE1134 - - 1,114 comments

I too enjoy letting people decide on things

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kyloren8 - - 19 comments

What's worse is that Dave Filoni is part of that story group. The man has corrupted Star Wars beyond measure. I can only hope all of his stuff is retconned one day. The look on his face would be priceless, considering how much retconning he has been doing for the last several years.

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HOPE1134 - - 1,114 comments

What are you going to do about it? Throw a pointless petition?

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