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Hunt Down The Fremen is a halfjoke Half-Life 2 Modification, that has slightly different story than original. You will find yourself in a russian City 47, among other rebels and great adventure.

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Hunt Down The Fremen: Director's Cut

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Hello, I want to happily announce that I’m finally releasing the Director’s Cut version of this mod. It’s been a while, I got a lot of different feedback about the previous version, that is now obsolete. I completely agree with the fact, that it was almost unplayable with all these bugs and overwhelming difficulty. All of that is now fixed. Also some problematic gameplay moments are now different and more player-friendly. If you never tried this mod, you can do now freely, if you did already, you may try once again the whole experience without most of the bugs. This is more probably the final version of it.

Consider this, as what the original HDTFremen should have been on it's first release.

Now you can take a look at the changelog:


UPDATE 22.08.2020 (V1.5)

  • Fixed crash on c7m4
  • Removed invisible wall on c2m3
  • Changed Combine gunship and helicopter health
  • Added slightly more detail on c3m2
  • Fixed softlock on c5m1
  • Custom weapons now have better textures
  • All endgame boss battles are now slightly different and harder

Remember that on "Hard" difficulty endgame may seem unbeatable for some people, don't be afraid of switching to "Normal" or "Easy"


  • All maps were tweaked, improved and fixed (New details added, tweaked difficulty balance, fixed bugs)
  • Fixed cubemaps bug, that caused incorrect reflections on maps. (mat_specular is disabled by default) "Say goodbye to Mr.Clean"
  • Changed default rebel ally health from 40 to 100
  • Lowered difficulty self/inflict damage multipliers to match vanilla HL2
  • Changed item_healthvial’s heal from 10 to 15
  • Changed item_battery’s armor from 15 to 20
  • Changed VGUI colors
  • Replaced Main Menu music
  • Removed useless VGUI elements from difficulty selection menu
  • Slightly changed npc dialogue volume to make them louder
  • Added autosaves
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented player progress in c2m3
  • Removed endless alarm with enemy spawning in c2m4
  • Changed fog and enemy AI in c2m5
  • Fixed music not being recognised as music by the engine (Inability to set music volume in options)
  • Fixed music duplication on saveloads
  • Reworked stealth
  • Added a few more music tracks
  • Fixed pink-black checker texture on being bit by poison headcrab
  • Removed annoying Jacob’s idle response
  • Retextured Abdul
  • Removed useless item crate in c6m1
  • Changed steam mod icon
  • Decreased combine gunship health
  • Renamed AUX POWER to STAMINA to match player's character
  • And some other small changes

Feel free to leave your opinions about the fixes, and goodbye.



ещё не играл, но мод понравился, 12 из 10

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