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The story starts with an old rumor. This rumor said that a legendary Lyre from the goddess Diana is still hidden away in a mysterious catacomb, under the Temple of Diana. This story was passed down from generation to generation in Évora, and after many years, a curious aspiring archeologist decided to take the challenge of solving this rumor.

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Greetings people! Last week, we introduced you to our game's art style! Today, we will introduce you to some game mechanics we have been working on!

Let's begin, shall we?


Let's start by talking about the player's movement.

Firstly our main idea was to create the user movement in eight directions, but then the game developer decided to write in four directions. After some discussions with the team and some brainstorming, we found out that the best way to move the character was in eight directions. The reason why we choose the eight directions was that the character felt smoother and easier to control.

Image: Player movement example

Player direction

Now let's talk about player directions, this one was tricky because our main mechanic is a tongue, and every time we use the tongue, we need to know where is the player looking. The reason for this is that we decided that the tongue can only be used in four directions and because of that, we had to limit some of the player-looking positions.

Image: Player direction example


Image: Player direction code

Items and Inventory

And now let's talk about the inventory and items system, for these mechanics we decided to use some cool unity technologies that help us develop things faster with easy implementation.

For the items, we decide to use scriptable objects because this technology can create infinite objects with only one click and some parameters like the name, game art, animation... etc, etc.

For the inventory, we only had created a simple scriptable object list to save the player items and we did some methods to make everything easy to use for our game designers and game artist.

Items 1

Image: Item example


For this fourth week, we showed you some of the mechanics of Diana's Lyre! Hopefully, Diana's Lyre will be released in June 2022!

We hope you have a great day, and until then, see ya!


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