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Developer log: Here comes a list of features I have planned for the next release, the version 0.02.

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I have been working on a bunch of features for the next release as well as trying to fix some issues.

For bugs as well as planned features I will use the github repository page, where I will post everything as an issue. You can go there to see what features are planned and what bugs are already known, so you don't have to report them again.
The github project page is at: click issues to see the bugs and planned features.

Here is a list of features planned for version 0.02:

- 4 versions of the urban ruins level in different setting: dawn, day, night, sandstorm
- a new experimental level, racing island, which is a race track where you can drive a buggy around
- ambient sounds for the level
- footstep sounds and decals and some other sound effects
- material particle effects
- blood particles when a player is hit
- levels will get items placed to collect
- ammo items
- new weapons: grenades and mines
- medpacks
- advanced menu and overall simpler and more intuitive
- more and finer graphics settings
- server setup options, like max players, max score, server name etc
- you can chose your skin in options menu now
- some experimental network settings
- some new simple assets like crates, barrels, etc
-a bunch of other small fixes

Most of the stuff I have already done, so I think the next release will come relatively soon. Now it depends on how fast I can solve the open issues and if I should come up with new ideas for the next release.

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