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Showing off latest UI improvements, Crucible of Blood gameplay and dragons!

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Hello folks! It's been a while since our previous update, but we have a good reason - we've been busy overhauling updating the UI, adding new features and implementing the content for the upcoming Crucible of Blood test.

We have a bunch of cool stuff to show, but first, we'd like to invite the reader to join our freshly formed channel on Discord. We're currently building the community around the game in preparation for Crucible, and you can be a part of it! Not only will you get first-hand news about the game directly from the developers - you'll also be able to chat with other fellow players and discuss strategies once the Crucible build becomes available to download. So what are you waiting for?

Become a part of our Discord community! Join now by clicking this link!

Phew. And now, to show the new stuff.

User Interface redesign - cont'd

We showed some screenshots of the reworked battle UI in the previous devlog. For the rest of our interfaces, we followed the same principle: making all the important game-related information accessibly by to the player in a slick and modern form. Take a look at the results below:


You can rotate the character around with your mouse, too!


This is also the first time we're showing our vendor UI on indiedb (as any proper RPG should, we of course have vendors - and epics that they sell).


You'll also get loot as battle rewards. In Crucible, it might even include new characters to add to your party! Here's how the new victory screen looks in action:


Crucible of Blood and new enemies

To explain in simple terms, Crucible is an endless arena battle mode with semi-randomized enemy waves increasing in difficulty as you progress.

Between individual battles, you get to talk to your friend the Keeper who sells all sorts of merchandise to help in, you guessed it, winning more battles.

crucible battle

Sometimes, you're offered to fight a special boss battle, called Trial of Blood. These are not randomized, just like fights in the story, and can only be completed once. Once you win, you'll get a Proof of Blood item which works as a badge of achievement, unlocking additional items to be sold by Keeper and increasing your maximum army size.

You're not forced to participate in Trials, but the extra characters they allow you to bring to battle come really handy when determining whether you live through the next battle or not. Some things you're going to meet won't be very gentle. Like this guy:


And should you progress far enough, you might even meet one of these lovely scaly critters:

Better be prepared.

Coming soon!

We're currently spending all of our time testing the Crucible, polishing the UI, adding more content and tuning the balance - it's going to be available to the public really soon. Meanwhile, remember to jump into Discord and say hi!

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