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A short insight into the development of Tactics of World War One, a real-time tactics game. In this devlog I want to show you the latest map and improvements to the German Stormtroopers.

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Hey everyone,
Today I have some more updates to my real time tactics-game Tactics of World War One. I want to show you the latest map and some improvements to the German Stormtroopers.

Night Raid

Night raids were a common tactic in trench warfare. Swiftly executed, the defender was left confused and unable to coordinate his units effectively. To prevent this from happening, flares were used at night to illuminate the battlefield and expose any attackers attempting to cross no man's land unseen under cover of darkness.

The fourth level of the Geman campaign sends you on a mission to cross no man's land at night, link up with scouts and raid British trenches. This map portrays the weapons and tactics used at night. In terms of gameplay, the units' field of view changes with the illumination of the battlefield. When only the moon is shining, the field of view is small. But as soon as a flare is fired, the field of view returns to its usual daylight size. So moving while the battlefield is unlit and taking cover when a flare is fired is your best choice to successfuly reach the other side of no man`s land.


Stormtroopers (or in German: Sturmtruppen) were a specialized infantry to break through the defensive lines of the First World War. To reflect their special equipment and training in the game, I added some special perks and changed some characteristics compared to regular infantrymen.

While charging towards the enemy, Stormtroopers will user their shorter rifles to fire a shot at close distance to kill their opponent before going into to close combat.

storm attack

In addition, Stormtroopers were better trained on hand grenades than most regular infantrymen (in fact, at the beginning of the war only few soldiers were trained in the use of hand grenade). To reflect this additional training, Stormtroopers can throw grenades farther than regular infantrymen.

grenade comparision

But due to the equipment of the stormtroopers, they also have a disadvantage compared to the regular German infantry. Equipped with the lighter but therefore shorter Karabiner 98a they are less accurate at long distances than units with the standard Gewehr 98 rifle. Therefore, Stormtroopers are best at close distance to the enemy.

I hope you like these additions to my game. If so, you can add my game to your wishlist on Steam. And as always: Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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