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In this devlog i talk about the Hammer And Stake weapon and my plans for the combat system in Skygrave.

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(This is a reupload of the second devlog that i posted on Itch a while ago. i'm gonna start posting the devlogs over here as well, though i would recommend also following Skygrave on Itch or Gamejolt since i'm more active over there).


Behold, the Hammer And Stake. A classic weapon for a vampire slayer.

hammer 1

Oh look, a poor unsuspecting Bloodworm egg. Boy, i sure hope nothing bad happens to this poor little egg if i sneak up on it and go into my inventory and press U to use the Hammer And Stake which i just recently acquired

hammer 3


hammer 2

Iron Stakes will be an additional method of dealing with the accursed monsters of the dark throughout your journey in Skygrave. They deal an instakill on any creature unlucky enough to have it sunk into their hearts.

But that just sounds too easy, right? To remedy this immense power, some conditions must be met for this attack to land:

  1. Firstly, you can only stab a creature that is in its "resting" mode. Some monsters are newborn and will be incubating in eggs, others will be sleeping, and some may take on other strange imobile forms until awakened by your presence. Not all monsters can be caught dozing off however, thus some enemies will be completely impervious to the stake;
  2. Secondly, though they are in an immobile state, monsters are of course still very easily awakened. To successfully slay with a stake, you must approach at a close enough distance that the stake can reach, but not close enough to startle them. Different monsters have greater senses of awareness, so this may take some trial and error (though you can also be creative with your approach);

Iron Stakes won't be extremely rare items to find, however they will always be well hidden in unsuspecting places. This will act as one of many rewards for those who explore and look around every corner.


My current goal right now is working on the combat system. At the moment it is very rudimentary as i was just using it for testing purposes, but a massive overhaul is what i'm gonna be working on for the next month (or longer...)

Currently the melee combat is very simple, only involving a basic fast attack and strong attack that stagger the enemy for a split second. The biggest change that's coming is going to be for the player (and the enemy) to attack from many different angles, and also block these attacks from each angle. Some enemies which are more basic (like the Bloodworm) will only be capable of attacking and blocking from certain angles, while the more difficult and complex monsters later on will be armed with weapons such as swords, maces, spears and flails, and will prove to be quite challenging. It's going to be somewhat similar to For Honor, the game that inspired me a lot with this idea for the combat.

Some other combat changes that will be made are:

  1. More camera shake to make battles more intense;
  2. Make the enemies telegraph attacks in a more obvious way (and animate their new attacks from different angles);

There's also completely new stuff that i've been wanting to add for a while and i'm finally going to be developing, such as environmental damage and a "fear of light" system for enemies. All in all, i'm pretty excited for this stuff as i think it's really going to bring everything together (if i get it right. Which hopefully i will).

i'm probably going to be pretty quiet these next two weeks as school is wrapping up over here in Brazil, and so i won't have a lot of time to work on the game. But as soon as that's done things are gonna start going a lot faster and i expect to be making updates frequently.

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