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This is the first official devlog for ABYSS - A new home!

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Okey boys and girls!

This is the FIRST official devlog for Abyss - A new home! Not really sure how to do this or what you guys wanna see. So please leave a comment if theres anything you guys would like me to change to the next one!

Anyway here we go!


Finally finished the title screen for the game! A basic and simple one but i think it works. Always shows the lastest update and current version you currently have running! (dont mind the logo for now. Will add the final later.)


As mentioned in the first article i posted about some of the features we currently have is the randomized loot crates. Just fixed some issues with the randomness and the actual loot itself. Now it does randomizes as i want.

Theres still a issue with the acutall looting part that im working on. Should be fixed in the next couple of days.


The radial menu has been updated and working alot better. Had some issue with it not showing up as intented. Now its fully customizable and makes it easier for me to add and remove the different buttons and behaviours.

There is however a issue with the fitting of text inside the buttons wich makes the scaling of the text behave odd but im hoping to have that fixed soon also.


Each ship has a diagnostics software making it easy for you to see what parts of your submarine thats damaged.
Parts go visually from white (as in picture) to red when damaged. If a part is semi-damaged it will turn up as yellow/orange. If damaged more then 70 percent it shows up as red.

Also added a ui for easy overview. Will also add ones you mouse over the parts on the UI it will highlight it on the sub!

I guess this will be the end of this devlog for now! Will try to get as much features in as i can in the following ones or atleast the features i think is most important.

I wanna add that all visual stuff is temporary for now. Im not the best at modeling so all visual will change before release. But need to get a decent 3d modeler on board eventually!

Anyways, Hope you liked the first devlog!
Please comment if theres any interest in the game or if you guys have any question!


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