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Take a closer look at the main feature behind Complex SKY and its in-game applications.

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Hello, city builder fans!

As the release of Complex SKY gets closer, we are going to look at one of the stand-out features of Complex SKY: verticality. Inspired by titles such as the movie Upside Down or the anime Patema Inverted, Complex SKY features sky-scrapers aplenty, which you can stack and build things on top of.

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Unlike other city builders, Complex SKY doesn't provide that large of a gameplay area:

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The building grid after acquiring a couple of area upgrades

However, this is done to focus the player's attention on building their city upwards rather than just expand it.

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As of right now, most of the general structure of your city can only be created on the ground level. However, as time goes on, you will be able to build roads, pipes, and foundation tiles on multiple levels within the grid, making for a truly multi-tiered city.

There are also other ways to give your city more verticality:

— Modules

The game features an item type called modules, which are structures that can only exist when connected to other completed structures.

User Posted Image
Outfitting the game's core building (highlighted in green) with various modules.

This means that if you can’t extend a building directly by stacking it up (such as a Basic Apartment), you can still modify it using a Module upgrade. Some of the modules can act as a base to build on top off, so experiment!

User Posted Image
Wonder how much those islands can hold?

— Plants and trees

Some nature-related tiles can exist on multiple levels, even on roofs of buildings, making for some beautiful scenery.

User Posted Image

Also, unlike many other games, you can even place some plants upside-down! Or even on the sides of buildings.

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

— Upside-down structures

Perhaps the biggest feature of the game is the ability to build your city upside-down, on the opposite side of your default landmass. This feature will become available once you research a certain upgrade after making enough progress in the game.

User Posted Image
Reminds you of a certain inverted castle, doesn’t it?

Your typical buildings aren’t the only thing installed on the underside, however. It’s also housing some special structures that help keep your city afloat, figuratively and literally.

User Posted Image

For instance, these lifters affect the total carrying capacity of your city. Use them with care! Currently this area of the game is in active development, with more to come in the future.

Hope you liked this general overview and are looking forward to more! If you like what you see, you can check out the alpha build of the game on GameJolt and wishlist the game on Steam!

See you on cloud nine!

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