Complex SKY is a city-building simulator featuring strategy and puzzle elements made by a sole developer. The players are dropped into a post-apoclyptic sci-fi setting and tasked with building their own city in the sky amidst various floating islands. The game lets you build multi-tiered structures that stretch upwards for miles, or even build your city upside-down by flipping your main island. The game also features crafting and lets you research new technologies and discover hidden upgrade chains, with a lot of suprises in store for those who take the time to make the best out of their little paradise.

Unique Setting

Make the most of your Y axis as you build your city upwards OR downwards!

Enjoy the floating islands surrounding your city and use them to mine materials


Each structure features unique building conditions and mechanics

Production and Automation

As you build your city, you will discover ways to automate and scale up your production in various ways

Technology Research

Researching new technologies for your city is the main way to progress through the game and requires gathering and unlocking various items and materials. Each new technology will in turn bring something new to the table, sometimes radically expanding the game

Population and Workforce

You are also tasked with taking care of the needs of your population and you will need to keep an eye on various types of citizens to make your city run smoothly

Item Logistics

You don't have to always move items between buildings manually and can instead set up complex production and trasportation chains to streamline your workload. Some buildings will also feature unique trasportation methods

Environment Restoration

You will be also have to work on restroing the environment, destroyed after a great cataclysm. As you restore your environment, you will be able to grow more trees and increase your mining capacity

City Stats

  • WEIGHT: Watch this stat to keep your city together
  • POLLUTION: Letting pollution increase will slowly kill your population and hinder your progress as you scramble to restore the environment
  • CITY CONTROLLER: You will need to watch your city's power levels, and you need a lot of power to keep all of those moving parts chugging along!

You will also discover more statuses as you play the game

Game Modes

  • SANDBOX: Build away with no restrictions
  • CHALLENGE: Recommended way to play Complex SKY for newcomers. Will require you to research new technologies and gather materials for your buildings

Quality of Life Features

Complex SKY is packed with tools and keyboard shortcuts that streamline your experience

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I believe most of you have played the Complex SKY public demo, and thanks to your feedback, I’ve been able to look at my game from a different angle. For the past few months I’ve been fixing bugs, experimenting, and enhancing the gameplay. In this devlog, I’ll share with you what I’ve been working on!

It was my goal to make my game available to players who don’t speak English. Today I’m happy to announce that the game will be available in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Korean! In the future, I might add even more languages. Localization is quite tedious; however, the thought of people all over the world enjoying my game gives me the determination to do it. So, please let me know what other languages you might like to see in the game! Aside from localizing, I’ve also been adding new buildings!

One of the challenges of building on the floating island is the limited weight capacity, hence, why I decided to implement the Weight Distributor. Not only does It increase the maximum weight capacity, it also improves the mining speed.

The Power Battery is quite a simple concept, it just lets you store more power for your city.

The Wind Turbine generates power without pollution, after all, the main goal is to create as little pollution as possible. It also provides a production speed buff to nearby buildings and lets players store more power.

Artificial Grasslands are a light alternative to floating land.

Last but not least is the Sky Mall. It provides the shopping mall area service, it has a unique mechanic that requires active production to an active area service. For now, all of these new buildings are in the beta branch, and I am testing them out thoroughly before putting them in the demo.

That’s it for now! I can’t wait to implement these changes to the demo and hear everyone’s feedback! My goal is to create a game that challenges the conventional city builder genre while offering players a visually stunning experience in a captivating skyward world. I’m committed to engaging with the Complex SKY community throughout development, and taking your feedback and ideas to heart to make Complex SKY a truly exceptional and immersive gaming experience.

Consider playing the demo if you haven’t, and if you have feedback, don’t hesitate to share it with me on Discord! Also, if you’re curious about joining the beta testing, jI’ll be sharing that on the Discord server as well!

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey, and I can't wait to share more about Complex Sky with you soon!

Until next time!
- Momo

From a Factorio modder to a solo game developer 👀

From a Factorio modder to a solo game developer 👀

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A story about how passion for growing factories and modding inspired me to make my own game.

Devlog: Stand-out features in Complex Sky

Devlog: Stand-out features in Complex Sky


A deeper look at more features unique to Complex Sky.

Devlog 1: High-rise Construction

Devlog 1: High-rise Construction


Take a closer look at the main feature behind Complex SKY and its in-game applications.

DevLog #0 Dev Introduction and Demo is coming

DevLog #0 Dev Introduction and Demo is coming


The first DevLog of Complex SKY about Dev Introduction and Demo version is coming


This looks really cool, keep it up.

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