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Hey Gamers! Today we will be delving into our game's story and context as well as showcasing a few our new coding implementations!

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Titans of Old is set in a Greek Mythological context and it's main character, Hekate, is a Goddess/Titaness with many abilities, including foresight and necromancy, who also wields torches as weapons. As it is told in the old stories about the Gods Hekate helped the Olympians fight her own kin in the Great Titan War, which earned her a lot of respect from the other Gods, including the Underworld Lord, Hades, who gave her a key to freely access the realm of the dead. With that in mind we start the game with Hekate in the Asphodel Meadows, the layer of the Underworld where the common people rest after death.
While she is there commuting with the dead she gets a premonition showing her that a great evil is about to awaken, the Titan of Knowledge, who is also her grandfather, Coeus. Our objective is to stop this Titan before he destroys what stands in his way and to do that we must venture through the Underworld to get to him in time.

Regarding coding our programmer has already played a bit with unity, below are some videos of it:

In this one we can see how the character moving is going, as well as the automatic movement of what would be an enemy.

In here the character is attacking and eventually killing an enemy, as seen through the console.

This last one shows that the character is taking damage and eventually dying to an enemy, as seen through the console.


That's it for this week Gamers! See ya next week, Nando out :)

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