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This is the first article where I write about this mod, and what are my plans on it.

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Hey! This is the first update diary of Amnesia - The Chosen Ones. So far, the progress of the mod has been pretty slow since I've had a LOT of other things to do. However, slowly but surely. The mod is starting to look like something, when we compare it to the mess of Orion.

The Chosen Ones will be having a more immersive and well-written storyline. Though I've been struggling with the dilemma no story or story, I've chosen to write the storyline.

How near are we from the release? That is a question I simply cannot answer precisely. The mod will be released on this year however, most likely before November.

In fact, there isn't much to do. The storyline needs to be written, some detailing to be done as well.

If we could speak on precents, the mod is about 80% done by now. I hope you all are interested of this project, and I can guarantee that it will be a better experience than Orion.


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